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  1. Well they won’t let them trim the trees in a lot of areas, nor clear the deadwood and brush, same as here, “wild” areas where no one is allowed to modify or “profit” from the forest, then they put out the fires in order to “protect” the forest and when it finally does go it has all kinds of fuel and no roads to get into the area and it is the power company fault for their lines sparking fires. A good high tension line is a bit of an eyesore, a straight line cleared a hundred or so feet each side and basically down to grass and a good all weather road running along side of the poles. Up to the people, do you want power or wild nature, getting more difficult all the time to have both. Problem in New Hampshire is people in California want to stop us from having power from Canada, but insist that they have power in California. [The same] old “flying on jets to get to the climate change conference.”

  2. When I was working in California last summer near Cleark Lake, the power was shutoff for the better part of a day because of a wind storm. From what the locals told me that was the new normal to prevent more fires. To bad the power companies and consumers have to pay for the poor forest management and frivolous lawsuits by tree huggers.

  3. Re. The California fires

    The knee-jerk reaction to blame tree/shrub management in CA is a red herring and distraction from finding the truth. Like the saying goes, ‘It’s the sparks stupid’.

    PG&E has finally fessed up to the ‘Why?’ question for these fires but what about the ‘Why NOW?’ question?

    If I (a retired utility field engineer) am a conspiracy theorist then please explain this video. Start at 4:24. I see a very possible ‘smoking gun’ @6:29. Specifically the email of 2011 from Brian Cherry of PG&E and his mention of moving their proposed solar generator receptor site to Sebastopol CA.


  4. I hope the FBI makes their findings on the ANTIFA, want to be thugs, public. It seems like if you only just follow where their money comes from you can determine who the puppet masters are. I am also speculating that if they were trying to buy guns illegaly they are not using their own money as they do not seem to be the types that actually work for a living. They should have bought their guns we Eric Holder was in charge. Calling people names doesn’t work out well, just ask arrogant Hilary. It is a shame that the FBI can no longer be trusted. They have come back full circle to the Hoover era. We should follow this just to see if further house cleaning is merited.

    1. The same people who pulled the Peruvian President’s strings to kick Assange out of the embassy in Great Britain is also behind the funding of Antifa. There’s a massive controlling force I. The world which the likes we may never know. Prepare folks.

  5. if antifa is actually able to stage an armed rebellion at the border, this will be a good thing, since the U S military will crush it and then we can round up all antifa members and deal with them in an appropriate manner.

  6. Last I heard, the ROE for the troops on the border did not include any ammunition for any weapons. Basically they are moving targets if thing go bad. Very poor situation from so many angles.

  7. Fully expected so sort of push back on the border wall by Antifa types. Just another step to destabilize this country. ” Out of Chaos comes power” !

    About the Pig flu, pretty scary stuff. Expect some Jihadi Johnny to spread it to the U.S.. Bye-bye pork chops, Bacon, and millions of dollars.

  8. The California utility news isn’t the least bit surprising. I’ve been to many third world countries and rolling blackouts is the norm. Meh.

    Barr is a CFR NWO Globalist and a traitor to the Republic. He should be swinging from a rope. Who cares what some commies said about him. They should be right there with him. The ‘news’ is propaganda and these Barr stories are only there to elicit support for Trump’s AG, a pro government Ruby Ridge lawyer.

  9. Consider this: if only 10% of the illegals in this country were military trained invaders their “Army” would be somewhere near 2.6 million strong according to the data the government will admit to … folks, cover your six. Being on the border is not the front lines, just the supply lines.

  10. RE: California wild fires. I had the opportunity to eat lunch with 2 guys from California, one had lost his home, and another had survived, but many in his neighborhood had lost homes. Both mentioned their neighbors had been unable to get their vehicles out of the garage after the power went off. Since the power goes off regularly in my neck of the woods, I asked, ‘why not just pull the rope handle, disengage the device the pulls the door up, and manually pull up the door? That’s what we do?” He said, most Californian’s had cut the rope handle off, since they did not like the way it looked, and were unable to open their doors, his neighbor had lost a Porsche and Rolls Royce. California, he said, was going to pass a law for all garage doors to have a battery back up. (you are kidding I thought), later I checked and it was true….


    Reminds me of Forest Gump, stupid is as stupid does. I guess if you are so stupid you can’t manually roll up your garage door, you deserve to lose your Porche or Rolls Royce.

  11. See this also. Is this another cyber attack? This sounds like something computer related. What else could cause this?

    February 02/28/2019 7:02 AM 02/28/2019 7:33 AM
    Oklahoma, Arkansas,
    SPP RE
    Complete loss of monitoring or control
    capability at its staffed Bulk Electric
    System control center for 30 continuous
    minutes or more.
    System Operations 0 0

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