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  1. Re. View of stars. Dark skies and the ability to view the vast number of stars is truly a blessing. It’s a breath-taking sight that I just never get over.

    1. I spent eight years in the USN and seeing the milky way from a blacked out ship, at night, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is something I will never forget.

      For me, it showed just an inkling of how majestic and awesome the Creator of the universe is.

  2. Re: NJ mag turn-ins… Good for you NJ residents. NO RETREAT! STAND YOUR GROUND!

    Re: California ammo… as a 4th gen. (expat) Californian whose family has been there since the gold rush, I am so glad I left there 15 years ago. I feel sorry for all my friends, family members and other like minded patriots who are unable to leave. You’re in my prayers.

    Re: 4LiFe lithium Batteries… Great innovation but I will have to wait til the price drops considerably. Starting at $5K and going as high as $47K, that’s a lot of beans, bullets and band-aids. Sadly I will have to stick with $150 12vdc Deep Cycles for my little ‘commo shed’ system

    1. Yea how do you justify something like that in your prep money when your paying only .06 per kwh and it’s cost factor is .12 and that’s not including your solar and inverter cost…Maybe for something like a hospital but for home use that’s not feasible…

    2. Check out https://dakotalithium.com/our-batteries/?v=7516fd43adaa for an alternative source of LiFePo batteries. Smaller. You can afford to play, test and gain comfort. The thing that is impressive is the hockey stick graph of the voltage out to 80% of its amp hour limit. Voltage stays close to 12v the whole time. when you plan capacity on the lead acid $150 model you are only supposed to count on 25% of the ah rating.

      I have these in a Commander 857 from https://www.portableuniversalpower.com/commander-857/. I like it.

  3. I have to agree with Rucksack Bob on the lithium batteries. When you use the words ” expected cycles ” that does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling, time will tell as to the life span of these batteries. Having lived with solar battery storage since 1992 I have tried many kinds of batteries with some disappointment and some success. Iron Edison carries the Edison nickel iron batteries and these have a life span estimated at 200 years if properly maintained, I know of 50 year old banks that are functioning as new. Cost wise they seem to be about the same as the lithium batteries that you have no way to maintain them, if they fail you are just out of luck. Personally I have gone to fork lift batteries as they should last 25 years under solar service and price wise you get a heck of a lot more kw storage per $. They are a lot easier to maintain than L-16’s or other deep cycle batteries as there is no need to clean all the interconnecting cables 1or 2 times per year. Batteries are like most things you need to evaluate your use, vs amortized cost, convivence and life span. Me I will go with proven long term performance as there will be no returning a bad battery after the poo hits the fan. I am going to submit an article soon with much greater detail.

  4. I am a little surprised that the folks in NJ have not turned in any Mags, usually there are a few shills or toady lickspittles that willingly comply with any un Constitutional laws. This non compliance certainly speaks volumes about the hearts and souls of Americans. It is a sign that the latest crop of politicians are totally out of touch with the majority of the citizens. What is also odd is that realizing these facts the politicians did not fund some idealist to turn in mags so they could point out how well their failed legislation is working. Do not doubt they will try this ploy in the future, so be on the look out for fake news about mag and gun turn ins. It is a certainty that California will try some BS to cover up their failed efforts of controlling real crime by diverting their stupidity to gun owners and not the perps.

  5. Joe,

    The politicians aren’t quite dumb enough to try wholesale confiscation. YET. As I said before, they will use the law on a case by case basis and pity the people that might be caught. They will be used as an intimidating example for other “formerly honest” citizens.

  6. MCPS a neighborhood patrol Huh? If a bunch of good ole American boys decided to do the same thing and patrol a city on the citizens behalf and if that patrol happened to be comprised of Christian men and women the government would no doubt turn every law enforcement resource against them. They would be labeled crazy militias, racist and dangerous white supremacists.

  7. In response to California gun laws… while I no longer live there, I know for a fact that the majority of the land mass of California is filled with American patriots who have guns of all shapes and sizes, along with the requisite ammunition. It’s a loosely held secret amongst Californians. The lunatic politicians (along with most of Hollyweird) in the 3 major metro areas, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles, can try as they may, they will never be able to enforce draconian gun laws. Unless… they successfully brainwash law enforcement en masse (not possible, they have families too and most are Patriots), close the borders (north, east, south) and close the ports (west), search every single person or car, every home, and every hidey hole. Not gonna happen. California is mostly rural, and people who haven’t lived there don’t get that. The biggest threat to Californians is public education, brainwashing the children. Bet you didn’t know that there exists a huge home schooling community, and Christian private schools abound. The majority of Californians have learned to be “Grey” citizens (no bumper stickers, no political conversation, quietly preparing, etc). As much as I hate what California has become, I know Californians. If illegal immigration and illegal voting were stopped, the state would turn back to Red in the blink of an eye. I pray for those two things to happen because as it stands right now, voting is a joke. Think kindly upon your California neighbors and pray for them.

  8. I just returned from CA. Stayed with delightful folks, off-grid and self-reliant. They tried L16 batteries and they died in three years. Have been using fork lift batteries for the last 15 years with great success….expect at least five more years out of this set. Wind turbine might be in my future after observing their set up. Runs most of the night while the solar panels loaf….and during the day, too.
    Ditch the RV deep cycle batteries. False economy unless you are only using them for radios, etc.

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