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  1. Travelogue: Awakening
    Posted on April 7, 2019

    This article describes the difficulty in having a political meeting in Finland, about politically incorrect topics.

    “All of these security protocols are due entirely to the fact that even in Finland, lunatics from Antifa are allowed to roam the streets causing mayhem. In fact, it is fair to say they are the unofficial secret police of the global managerial state. They are allowed to commit crimes, intimidate people and harass businesses. The government could shut them down tomorrow, but they don’t, which is an endorsement of Antifa by the state. That’s where things are in the West. We’re ruled by gangsters that employ thugs…”

    Z Blog: A Path Forward
    Posted on April 7, 2019
    Western Rifle Shooters Association

  2. The public schools are the primary source of young people not believing in facts, logic, and truth. This is of course a purposeful strategy of our government. Let government employees raise your kids and that is what happen. Be a real parent (who spends more than a few hours a day with your own children) and Homeschool. If you are a married couple, there is no reason your wife needs to work if you also work, you need to make adjustments and man up.

    1. till the Moment you don´t longer earn any Money, then your Family has Problems.
      Don´t put your eggs in one Basket, it can´ve really bad consequences for your Family.

      1. So screw the kids, just let them rot in a brainwashing facility so you can buy stuff and pretend you have money, yeah makes lots of sense. God intended women to stay at home with their children RAISING them. You don’t raise your kids if they are in public or private school, they spend more of their waking hours with government or private employees than they do you, don’t kid yourself. Plenty of people have raised and homeschooled their kids and lived poorly or with bare necessities and turned out just fine, people used to do that all the time and the kids were far better for it. You’re just excusing the love of money over your kids. If you as a man can’t provide for your family alone then you need to learn more skills and or switch careers. Women need to be at home unless they are single or a single parent. Feminism and the government have ruined traditional families by increasing taxes, causing inflation, starting wars, and encouraging women to get jobs which takes jobs from husbands/Fathers. Break out of the cycle. It’s hard, I had to do so myself, and my wife (who was in the Navy) was overjoyed. It’s scary and hard at first, but God has provided well and my wife can raise our daughter and now I work from home, but man it took a lot of hard work learning new skills and working extra hours to earn respect and trust. Give it a try.

        1. I wrote the words you lay on me where?
          So you say the only god intended Woman were those of Maybe 2 Generations of the american middle class.
          At least till the start of civilasation Woman ´ve worked the farms and herds, Workshops at least since the middle ages.
          Or do you want to tell me that Zipporah and her Sisters or Rahab were ungodly?

          What i warned against was that stay at home Woman don´t earn well in this world, professional working Woman can do.
          So perhaps the less risky choice for your Family is to take over a part Housekeeping and Maybe homeschooling if you´re able.

          Okay that´s not your Problem if you´re no longer there i understand that.

  3. re: Paul Craig Roberts: The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge.

    This isn’t new. The Nazi’s embraced the concept of “racial truth”, meaning something could be “true” for one race but not another.

    They took it to the extreme of dismissing certain atomic research, relativity, quantum mechanics, etc. as “jewish science.”

    Of course this was the official position taken by politicians and propaganda writers . German scientists were trying to build their own atom bomb. Fortunately the Norwegians were able to destroy their heavy water plant.

  4. re: The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge

    Francis Schaeffer predicted this in his various books critiquing the path of western civilization in the 60s/70s. His predictions have come true in spades.

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