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  1. re: voting age. The voting age was dropped to 18 while conflict in the RVN was going on and an active draft was the norm. Now that there is no active draft, I would like to see the voting age returned to 21, Unless you are serving active duty military, or the draft is reactivated, the 18 YO voting age should be the law. Personally, I side with the “Starship Trooper” method, of many privileges being suspended until completion of service.

  2. Shipping delays are also hitting the US mainland. I have seen several signs on stores saying the delivery trucks are delayed and sorry for the out-of-stock items. Usually it is for a day or two but when there are bad storms, the transportation system can’t deliver. Plan ahead!

    1. I would even go a step further and say only 25 to 65 year old property owning males can vote on national elections…Now let the screeching commence…

        1. I hear ya Brother…Everyone is too comfortable or brainwashed to get rid of it though…If I was King for a day it would be one of the first taxes I got rid of…

          1. Property tax, income tax…they all need to go, really. Either a small sales tax, or just one flat tax that everybody pays, regardless of status. If we’re all equal under the law, supposedly, then we should all pay the EXACT same amount in taxes.

  3. “Hard Lessons: Hurricane Florence”

    No link, cursory internet search did not reveal the article in question.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    (and, Thank you for the blog!)

  4. Re-evacuation
    Gas cans..almost impossible to find in a store hours ahead of time..get them now 4 five gallon size..even the new crappy gov.ones

    Getting gas is a crapshoot..brother evacs from SWFL for Irma early..but every exit had lines to get gas off I-75.Problem was,some stations ran out,but had no signage on the exit to say this.Backs up traffic and wastes time.Would like to see a plan with local public officials to co-ordinate this.

    1. Keep in mind that the DOT regulations (49 Code of Federal Regulations) allows a maximum of 8 gallons of gasoline to be transported in a motor vehicle in any containers other than the vehicles fuel tank. Most local cops do not know the regs, but state troopers do. Get caught, and you’re looking at visiting a federal magistrate (in my home state that means a visit to a different state).

      1. Hey Doc,
        You are partially correct regarding DOT regulations on gas cans… there is an 8-gallon size limit, but that is for commercial vehicles only and that is the size of single portable cans. They can have much larger bolt-in tanks.
        The federal regulation actually allows up to 440 gallons of gasoline in a commercial vehicle bed. If using portable containers under the 8-gal limit that is still many containers. For those keeping track at home that is 12+ 5-gallon PFCs at ~35-pounds apiece. (That is an insane quantity for a private person to carry in a pickup).
        Again, the federal regs only apply to commercial vehicles.
        Local fire regulations and laws may be more or less restrictive on Josephine Prepper and her private vehicle, but federal law has no bearing on private transportation of gasoline and vehicle operation.
        Sounds like your home state Troopers are enforcing local/regioanl regs.

        1. Ferry boats. Don’t forget them. We have a many of them here, and they post a 2 container/10 gallon limit. At the toll booth I explained I had 2 full and one empty five gallon containers. Too many. I had to drive out of the holding area. Obscure one container, then go back through the toll booth with ‘just 2’ containers.

          At home I store fuel in tightly sealed 15 gallon recycled carwash containers. Works great. You can fill them at mini marts but not at attended fuel pumps.

  5. I’ve always wondered why people that are in the know about survival have their retreat in areas where they can be destroyed by [natural] events that happen on a regular basis…What’s going to happen when you’re living in a SHTF situation and then a hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake strikes and destroys all your preps you are relying on…It just doesn’t make any sense to me so maybe someone can explain it…

  6. RE: Malware… The first step in securing infrastructure is to air-gap the controlling network from the internet. If it touches, it can be compromised. Spent time in this field, and you must separate the networks and vigorously monitor it to prevent good-intentioned (or lazy) workers from putting unauthorized taps in to make their lives easier.

  7. Re: Voting Age.

    In the first place, sanctimonious posturing and hypocrisy are the stock in trade of all liberals; they will say or do anything to further their goals, even if one point conflicts with another. Remember: The liberal (socialist, communist, collectivist, democrat ) doesn’t exist who has matured beyond the age of 12.

    That said, why would it come as any surprise that they would try to open voting to emotionally and mentally immature, idealistic air heads who embody their base?

    Makes perfect sense to me….

  8. Gun Owners in California: When the state government is in cahoots with criminals on every level, gun ownership is the law-abiding citizen’s only choice…

    Voting age: Pelosi said she favored the lowering of the voting age: “We need to reach the kids in high school” she said. The operative term there is “kids,” “Speaker.” They are NOT adults and CANNOT vote.

    …Revolution is in the wind…

  9. On the hard lessons of Hurricane Florence, I’ve read that line of leaving early to evacuate early thousands of times on prepper sites, in the small number of years I’ve been prepping. But I’ve only once seen an author such sites, address the necessity of having a list of criteria, or signs, on how to know when one needs to leave early. Isn’t it obvious to everyone & anyone that if one waits until one recognizes a situation as a major disaster, the highways are already full? I hope an author or editor on this site, will address this in an article or offer a list of possible criteria or signs, please, for the countless many who plan to evacuate.

  10. I have been following Integrated Skills Group for awhile. Their philosophy on preparedness is outstanding, they are definitely worth checking up on!

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