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  1. Re: EMP. There is a part of me that sorta hopes that and EMP will happen, since it may be the only thing that will save this country.

    Re: Term Limits. Horrible idea. It guarantees that senators will spend the second term (6 years) beholden not to the people, but rather to lobbyists. Right now, the lame duck session is very short. This would create a 6 year lame duck session for senators. I am opposed to term limits. I instead support educating the public so they can be smart enough to vote out the crooks. Unfortunately, due to public education, the majority WANT communism, so they vote accordingly. Our Republic is GONE. Persecution will come shortly.

    1. Re: Term limits. How about a single term, House or Senate, and they get back to being productive members of society? I know that bar patrons in NY would really appreciate having their bartender and corn dog maker back.

    2. Unless there’s a civil war, then you just need a high powered rifle and to trace the electrical lines to the transformers.

      If you read the report, that is more worrysome since those have long lead times and there aren’t many spares (and are hard to transport)

    3. Or maybe we just repeal the 17th Amendment and restore Senators’ original responsibility of representing States (a balance against the Fed Gov) instead of pandering directly to individual voters?

    4. Re: Term Limits.
      It is probably the only thing that will save us. The post above has one scenario, but the opposite is; maybe in their second term they will do the right thing instead of what would be best for re-election or getting on a cushy committee. The public being “smart enough to vote out the crooks” will take years of correcting the education system. We could revisit the term limit law in, say twenty or thirty years, but it is definitely needed. The presidency is a term limited job, why not the Senate and House of Representatives?

    5. I’d rather see a repeal of the 17th amendment. Then it would be up to the individual states governments how long their senator would be in office. As of now the States have zero representation in congress. The senate only represents the evil communistic two party system. Had the 17th amendment not been in effect, Obamacare would NEVER have made it out of the senate.

      Also of note; Ted Cruz bill also limits the house to 3 terms, unless there has been an unpublished change to the bill.

    6. Regards EMP: I sometimes think that an EMP or CME would “purify” America. The libtards, metro sexuals and most of the far left who depend entirely on the government for their every need would be out of the picture in a year. I only hope that conservative gun owners are making preparations for such an event.MM

    7. Gov’t is too complex at state and federal levels. Term limits transfer the knowledge of gov’t to the lobbyists and policy non-profits instead of the elected officials who represent the people. In states like Ohio, being able to bounce back and forth from house and senate helps to mitigate, but only minimally.

      One thing is for certain — two term limits are far too short if you want to avoid the above scenario.

    I remember joining the Navy and it occurring to me that asking, if you are willing to die for your country, is the wrong question. Any idiot can die, they all do. The right question is are you willing to kill. Same applies to everyday carry. I asked my nephew the same question while trying to dissuade him from joining. The question really freaked his parents out, more than the willing die question did. And that question SHOULD freak you out or you’re a psychopath of some type I would imagine. Don’t end up with a team, or personally, with a Lt. Col. Grossman problem on your hands. On Killing is an excellent book. The study is boring but the price is worth reading for the introductory chapters, unless of course you like boring studies as many do. Either way, if you carry a weapon, read the book.

  3. The best solution to corrupt politicians that I ever heard, and I can’t remember where I heard it, was that after every election, the loser should be taken out behind the chemical sheds and SHOT.
    And the WINNER.

    1. I’ve said before that Americans are voluntarily waltzing right through the front gate of the electronic prison compound, and they’re paying for the privilege.

  4. The book “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel, shed a lot of light on the grid down scenario. Well researched with anecdotes from numerous energy officials regarding the vulnerability of the grid in it’s entirety. A portion of it describes the take out of a substation in the San Jose area. Seems someone, as today still uncertain who, took out a few transformers with a 5.56. Left casings, only about 3-4 were found. No one noticed as power was switched to an alternate substation. Affected substation was out of commission for over 6 months.
    Main point was that our entire grid in it’s entirety is very vulnerable to any sort of sabotage or terrorist/EMP attack. As I understand it there are only 3 mfg. of transformers in the entire US, and they do not produce the custom & large transformers most high transmission substations use. Most are mfg. in China and can take as long as 2 years to produce. With the fragility of our economy as well as the entire world economy operating upon borrowed time borrowing everything from everyone else, even if said transformers were available getting them shipped here may be the biggest hurdle. When our economy, or any large countries economy goes down the drain the rest will be affected and may implode as well. Needless to say, get your act together boys and girls, our society that we grew up knowing, is in deep kimchee….

  5. RE: women to Selective Service … in the event of a call-up after this is implemented, I expect we would find our country well-populated with new babies …

  6. Re: “Lights Out”. No government entity has the slightest idea what to do following an EMP event! FEMAs response;keep a three day supply of food and water. ? what do you do on day four?

  7. Blackberry Q10 is the newest blackberry w/ removable battery and most secure operating system available, despite being dated at this point.

    Blackberry Q20/Classics are newer, but no removal battery.

    Both are 4G devices but not 4G LTE, at least on Verizon.

    Both also run Blackberry OS10 system. Blackberry 7 devices (such as Blackberry Bold — IMO the best “smartphone” including blackberry ever) that runs email off of BIS — will end service at the end of 2019. Blackberry 10’s email will continue to function, but Blackberry World, where you download apps will end function the end of 2019 as well. So definitely loa

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