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  1. The wall- the veteran who started this is a hero. He states that if every person who voted for President Trump donated $80, we’d get to the goal. We donated $80 each. I say, go donate. Make your voices heard! Do it for our children and grandchildren.

  2. Hopefully it’s not another scam like several of the ‘GoFundMe” sites end up being. I think the title is taken at it’s word for some who have started these sites. However, the idea of the American people acting independently of a non-functional “representative” government is inspiring. There is nothing like direct action for problem solving. I have seen MSM reports already trying to discredit Brian Kolfage and cast doubts into the minds of potential contributors…and the why is understandable , because the MSM and PTB can’t stand the idea that citizens can act independently without oversight and control. That upsets the apple cart of their agenda.

  3. I never donate money to any cause, and never loan money that I can’t afford to forfeit. Donations inevitably wind up rotting on the docks in some third world cesspit, and promises of repayment go unfulfilled or abused, severely damaging relationships.

    That being said, the idea of “sending a message” to our “representatives” is laudable, though it will do no real, tangible good. If the representation isn’t there, we work our will ourselves. And though I seek no permissions or forgiveness for taking direct action of my will, this kind of thing might rattle a few cages.

  4. From what I understand, money like this (private) cannot be used to fund anything for the government. Is that correct? If that is the case, maybe the fund can be used to build a wall on private land just this side of the border. My guess is that many of the ranches and land owners would be more than willing to have that on their property, as opposed to all the thieves, illegals and uninvited visitors.

  5. The slippery slope off lost Liberty is only going to continue, guaranteed. Do not allow “normalcy bias” to prevent you from seeing the clouds of tyranny growing rapidly over this nation.

    Stocking up on mags is good idea, however, if a federal ban should come, plan on selling them before the ban goes into effect, as trying to sell them post ban, with no (pre ban or grandfather Clause in place) could put you in a tough situation with a lot of $$$$$$ tied up into something you are unable to sell without taking a risk.

  6. We all know the reality of the go fund situation is that the donations will never make it to the wall.

    Although, I support border security 100%, if the wall is built, and a demoncrat gets into the Whitehouse in 2020 or even 2024, what’s to prevent them from using more of OUR tax money to REMOVE the wall that Trump built??

    I think the “wall” should be built metaphorically via going after sanctuary cities and more personnel in the border, AND, tougher, more politically incorrect laws regarding illegal immigration that puts America’s interests FIRST.

  7. I always thought there should be special projects lotteries for specific items in government. Think of a NASA lottery, or in this case, a Build That Wall Lottery. Where the net from the lottery must go directly to the thing being funded. Of course Congress must be denied the ability to shift these funds to their own projects. Can’t have them doing to the lottery what they have done to the Social Security and Medicare systems. Let the American people tell the government what we want funded.

    Think of how few people would play a War In Syria lottery, or an Iraq War lottery, or an Afghanistan War lottery. Maybe those morons we keep electing to Congress would pay attention to the things we are actually willing to fund on our own. Think of how much money could be raised for NASA and how little would be raised for the CIA or the NSA or for that matter, the FBI or the BATFE.

    It’s a nice thought, too bad it will never come to pass.

    1. Already happened,almost anywhere the lottery funds were to goto “schools” or “seniors” but the money disappears into the black maw of the states never to be scene again,but the cries for “more money” just get louder

      1. I give Michigan as an example. The lottery money does indeed go to the schools, but there is a catch. The for every dollar of lottery money that goes to the schools the state keeps a dollar of tax dollars in it’s general fund. So the money doesn’t enhance the schools it enhances the states bottom line. I’m pretty confident that most states are just like Michigan. It’s called theft, or more correctly bait and switch.

        The FedGov would have to be proscribed from misalocating or appropriating the funds. This would have to be the only funds available for whatever the specific lottery was set up to fund.

        It would probably take a Constitutional amendment to stop the theft by congress and to stop SCOTUS from “reinterpreting” the actual language of the amendment. Even if just a law, language could be put in to stop SCOTUS and their inability to read the english language.

        It won’t happen, to much like right. Too restrictive on the FedGov’s obsession with spending other peoples money.

  8. info from the GoFund Me build the Wall site:

    *100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall.
    *We are working with a law firm on a legal document that will bind the government to using the funds for the border wall itself, nothing else.
    *We will hold all funds and not release a single penny until we have all legal aspects covered to ensure our money goes only to the wall.
    *Rep Andy Harris Introduced the Border Wall Bonds Act of 2018, if passed with the Gov Funding bill it will allow us to donate towards the wall.
    this Act funds only for the construction of the wall, nothing else.

    visit the site, there is more info there

  9. Re: Eminent Domain in the Redoubt.

    Some of these survivalist type real estate salesmen, more than willing to sell you land and “consult” on its “defensibility” should be just as willing to talk about things like Idaho’s D+ rating regarding stealing your land on a whim.
    What is the process for getting this hideous situation corrected?

    1. Gene Blister, you ask the $64,000 question. Are we to sit and wait for land seizure to happen to us or a neighbor? I will look in my region for information on preventing “land theft by government”.

      “Instead of looking for hope, look for action” – @GretaThunberg

      Carry on.

  10. I oppose the wall. I would rather see employers be heavily fined and jailed for employing illegals. BTW, anyone have any idea how much money is lying around the IRS because employers send tax deductions on phony SSAN’s to Washington? Seems like a good place to start identifying some filthy employers.

    1. You just hit on of the main reasons TPTB love illegals so much,they get all the income tax withholding back with phony returns but the SS and Medicare witholdings are kept to prop up the system

  11. Every country with a wall has had violent, oppressive police state regimes in charge if I’m not mistaken. I think that American violent criminals are far more of a threat than illegals who mostly keep their heads down and work. I dont agree with illegal immigrants taking American jobs or resources. Politics wise forget the Republican/Democrat illusion. They are all in it together to deceive and oppress us. They are puppets mostly unfortunately. Keep your powder dry folks.

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