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  1. I’m in pretty good shape for a 1950’s model but I can’t jump like this Robot. I want to see someone bob and weave with this machine. I bet the machine could easily be neutralized. It has no future cognition. A human opponent knows how to read a telegraphed strike. Maybe not so much in the near future.

  2. Re: Robotic parkour. A Sci-Fi example of what a robotic future could look like can be found on the Netflix series “Black Mirror”. Season 4, Episode “Metalhead” features a Boston Dynamics like robotic dog. The “dog” is an autonomous killing machine that tracks people in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Parental advisory, the “F” word is used.

  3. So, just to tie a bow on today’s Odds ‘n Sods; I for one, am looking forward to the day when they send Atlas to round up whites because they home school but left their webcam unsecured so Atlas knows right where you are. Sounds fun ‘eh?

  4. Ah, but we don’t really know what “they” put in that Tang, now do we.

    As for that robot, the body looks and moves an awful lot like The Terminator. Skynet here we come.

    About those Somali’s rioting in Minnesota: By the police and the media not reporting the ethnicity and the extent of the rioting, would’t that be called election meddling?

  5. I was just thinking of the many ways to take out a robot like that. Like a fifty caliber rifle, a run over by a truck, electrical shock, a net, Tannerite, a pit (a deep one ), and finally my favorite……a round house kick by Chuck Norris.

  6. RE Homeschooling.

    We began homeschooling (or my wife did!) about 13 years ago. Our daughter has taken the ACT and SAT a few times now, and she averaged 31 on the ACT. Strong in reading and writing, average in math. A bit above average in science. We Abeka a while, and have modified to a more Classical / Christian approach, and our youngest son (the last at home) is doing very well.

    I have to say, I never knew what I missed in my public school education. I have 3 Masters and have always wondered what I missed, now I know. There is true richness and depth available out there, if a parent doesn’t mind doing some internet research to find it. Lots of resources available to help guide the beginner or help make in-stride adjustments.

    One thing we stumbled onto, partially inspired by JWR’s writings, was to NOT focus on sports – instead, we do things like Krav Maga, shooting, etc. We have the kids involved in our “preps”. As our 17 year old daughter gets ready for Mary harden Baylor, we have discussed college preps for a variety of scenarios.

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