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  1. Regarding less expensive blood tests, another option http://www.ultalabtests.com. A friend paid $700 for local hospital lab to run, and then did the same test for $88 with http://www.ultalabtests.com. She did NOT need a doctor’s prescription to get the test. Direct consumer to lab, and had results in a very timely manner. The more we can run our own lives, the better for us and the BETTER FOR THE NATION. Govt at ALL levels is way to much in our lives from “can see to can’t see”!

    1. I’m liking Epic. Good tip, thanks. Easy-peasy to install. Did a DNS leak test, tight as a drum. It imports Bookmarks from an HTML file as well as direct from another browser. I made a file to use so no other data was brought over. The free (VPN) Proxy has multiple locations to pop up public including 2 in the US and several in Europe and Asia and it doesn’t leak to the ISP upon testing. Runs smooth, lightweight. The only drawback…the Icon looks like a Tide Pod.

  2. Regarding lab tests, I have used walkinlab.com a few times and love it! It is simple, easy, and I saved a ton of money. Through them you get a physician order for the lab tests you need, schedule an appointment at a lab near you, and off you go. Between my medical cost sharing ministry, walk in lab, and healthwarehouse.com as my mail order pharmacy, I save a ton of money and extend my middle finger to Obamacare and the insurance companies.

  3. Regarding Google tracking, many people are clueless as to how Google maps can tell them how long it will take to get to their destination. With millions of cell phones running google in the pockets of millions of drivers on the road, it is very easy to see how Google can see that there is a 20 minute delay on your route. Or how google asks you for a review of a business, because they know you have been there. It isn’t random. Duh!

  4. “has our politics been reduced to this level of hypocrisy?”

    well, for them, it’s not hypocrisy. see, precociously immitating their owners, they see themselves as the humans, and the rest of us as cattle put here to serve them, to be eliminated if we don’t. so the gun control is for us, not them. they are free to do as they please, using us to pay for it all.

  5. re: Mozilla Firefox

    Supposedly the TOR browser is based on Firefox. (I’ve read that it shares 95% of it’s code with Firefox)

    Does anyone know the extent of the partnership?

    Is any info being kicked back to Firefox?

    I’d hate to have to ditch it but I will if I feel it’s tainted.

  6. Google Tracking: this reminded me of a recent experience when my computer was not online and I tried to upload some photos. The computer would not accept them until it was back online. This did turn out to be a glitch, however, I got to thinking (and feared) that we have gotten to the point where your computer will not function unless it is online and every single thing you do on a computer is sent off and stored somewhere. I have programs that will not operated unless there is an internet connection.
    Is it unthinkable that there will be a day when everything you do on a computer is uploaded and examined for content? Will there be a knock on the door if there is a questionable keyboard input? Just asking.

  7. Just got a new computer. The old HP (2005 model laptop) still works but the power supply/charger fried itself. New one on order. Anyway just bought a Dell, having fun learning Windows 10. Immediately downloaded the Brave browser. There is a learning curve. It has a lot of the look of Firefox but is way faster. I noticed it also appears to have the ability to open a Tor window or tab. Haven’t played with that yet.

    The one downside I have noticed is the inability to customize the appearance. It just has a plain grayscale look to it. Kind of boring, a little hard on these old eyes. Needs some color to it. If I’m missing something, let me know.

    Still working on turning off the ads and tracking in Windows 10, getting better, not seeing as many ads. Also learned to keep many apps from accessing the camera and the microphone and monitoring my actions on the ‘puter. Much more to learn.

    Looking to download Libre Office instead of the free version of Office 365, I don’t trust Microsoft. Libre Office took up where Open Office left off and appears to do all storage directly on the computer instead of in some cloud somewhere. A side note: if you store anything important in some cloud server, and the internet disappears for an extended period of time, and you need your stored records, you are seriously left out in the cold.

  8. Both Brave and Vivaldi are based on Chrome. Vivaldi seems to be able to use any Chrome extension. Brave has a limited selection of extensions at this time. Vivaldi is available for Windows but not for any Smartphone. Brave is available for all manner of devices. Both seem to work just fine, although the setup for both reminds me of the early interactive text games like Zork. Just figuring out the info I posted above regarding the extensions took a very long time.
    The Mozilla email client Thunderbird seems to be in the process of splitting the blanket with Mozilla. I would be curious to hear the story behind that.

  9. Google Tracking.

    I went to the site listed: myactivity.google.com. Signed in, there was nothing there, as expected. I’d previously told google not to store/track, seems to work for me.

  10. I use FIREFOX
    I tried to go to “article sent in” from the article about Mozzle Firefox only to receive a notice that says Firefox won’t connect me because “my connection is not secure”. However may connection seems to be secure for most everything else? This gets curiouser and curiouser.

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