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  1. “South African Kleptocracy”

    How much does one have to be paid to be this guys white security guard? Does he not think that eventually he is on the menu? Stunning.

  2. How does this situation with Alex Jones have similar relationships to a blurb that was discussed and linked to on SurvivalBlog a while back about the cake baker refusing to make a cake for a gay couple?

    Seems to me, private business can do what it wants to do, yes? How is AJ or amazon different? (I am not saying this is my opinion, but I am curious to what other people think about this).

  3. I always say if you can’t tie a knot tie a lot!

    Actually knots are far more important than you first think. And they can be interesting and fun. I ran into a guy a few years ago who was an industrial climbing instructor who used knot tying to help him quit smoking.

  4. re:
    ‘Venezuelan gas’ secondary link

    After reading the article, I scrolled through the associated links.

    Did you know billionaire actress Oprah Winfrey, during an interview with a Brit, called for genocide against Caucasian people.

    In the video, she says “All those old White people are racist! They all have to die! They all just have to die!”

    I didn’t know that.

  5. OK I understand the problem with facebook, youtube, google, tweet etc. etc. But what is the alternative??? I have divorced myself from google and I have not belonged to youtube (I saw that one coming a long way off) BUT how do you go about defeating these monsters??? I would have to be financial and at the same time using an alternative but I do not see the alternatives out there. Let’s quite with the crying and defensive posturing and become procative.

  6. Citgo was sold to the Russians a couple years ago as collateral to a bond issue,this will end with them owning a sizable chunk of oil infrastructure here as their claim is superior to others

  7. MLB & NFL
    Where I am at this moment, I can’t access the link, so I’ll ask my unanswered questions here:
    For what reason (or—-under what excuse) are the vendors and management gathering this biometrics information? And WHY are the fans submitting to this blatant intrusion of privacy? Since I don’t attend many sports games (not much choice here, and very little interest on my part), I’m just as glad that I’m not having this intrusion foisted on me. If it were, I’m afraid that i would be raising a ruckus, and might be sending this to you from a jail cell.

  8. Whose Streets?
    As has been pointed out by others, notice that where there is more gun control, and less guns in the hands of free citizens, there is a massive PantyFa presence.
    And where there is less gun control, and more guns in the hands of free citizens, PantiFa is absent, or almost so.
    Correlation is not the same as causation, but still, it’s something to make you go, “hmmmmmm………..”

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