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  1. This old coot is proud to have grown up in America back in the 40s and 50s (except losing 36,516 Americans in the unjust, unconstitutional Korean War).

    But that country no longer exists. I think most people who say they are not proud to be an American never lived in anything resembling our Founder’s vision of America. Most were schooled in post-50’s government indoctrinated centers. Most are fake Americans. The same can be said for those who support perpetual unjust, unconstitutional wars.

  2. 8 OTC items (or at least purchasable easily)
    1. Fish Mox
    2. Small kit that makes bleach from salt (don’t recall the name atm but featured here)
    3. Salt, lots of it
    4. Anti diarrheal medicines
    5. Gas for backhoe to burry bodies fast and deep
    6. Bag Balm
    7. Big Berkey water filter
    8. M1A battle rifle

  3. Why does Survivial Blog link to The Burning Platform? The ads on that site are atrocious! Breasts hanging out, pictures that appear to be still images of pornography and who knows what else. I read SB out in the open around my children. I don’t worry about what my children will see on here. On the other hand TBP looks like TMZ wannabe with the word liberty thrown in to pull in readers. What a piece of […] site it is, in my opinion. SB is better than this.

    1. @LSM
      You’ve discovered one of the many reasons why we will never use an advertising program that we don’t have complete control over on SurvivalBlog. It’s makes life kind of hard when economic times are hard, but this is the result. Google’s AdSense is one of the primary programs, but we are regularly approached by companies who want to rent space from us and then turn around and lease that space out to whomever they can. Nope. Not gonna do it. As far as what you see on other sites – there is very little we can do about that. I’d recommend installing a good ad blocking program like AdBlock or AdBlock+ in your browser. That will do wonders for you web surfing.

      1. Thanks Mr. Latimer, I will ask my spouse about installing AdBlock. I have hesitated to do this in the past because I want the sites I visit to get paid for their hard work. I was also under the impression that sites can control their ads. I didnt know TBP had no control over their site. As a suggestion to SB, perhaps mention the site that the link goes to so those of us who don’t wish to visit such sites has more control over it. Survival Odds and Sods is my favorite part of SB! Thanks for responding. I appreciate it!

        1. @LSM
          Both of those programs allow you to exempt sites. When you visit a site, there should be a little icon in the tool bar of the browser (Usually in the shape of a stop sign). If you click on that icon, you’ll see the option to trust the site. I use AdBlock Plus and I also use Ghostery which catches things that AdBlock doesn’t. They work well together. Be aware that if you run both of those programs you may be prohibited from commenting on sites like YouTube. Since I routinely run those programs in my browser, I’m not always even aware that sites may have disagreeable ads on them. Sorry.
          Also, if you use FaceBook at all, consider using “FaceBook Purity”. It will perform much the same function and a bit more. For the few times I venture there, I consider that a must.

  4. I did occupation duty in S. Korea in 1954/55. N. Korea invaded the south, in direct contravention to the UN rules about such hostile actions. By and large Communists ignore all rules but their own, as Stalin and Mao often proved.

    The US, Australia, New Zealand, England and Turkey sent troops, and the rest is history.

    The primary reason for the creation of the UN was to have a worldwide resistance to unwarranted invasion by such as Hitler and Tojo–or whichever Kim runs North Korea.

    That it has been ineffective is another issue entirely. You can count me in as one who would send the UN to some other country and get us out of it. Let NYC have the UN building as a homeless shelter.

  5. The mistakes made prior to Pearl Harbor were many, but two stand out. One, consensus thought was that the Japanese were incapable of a strategic victory, and two, that the Japanese would be unable to think up the plans to do that. Our “war on terror” opponents get a wealth of info on the US, just by surfing the net for news about it. When and if they make a nuclear move on the US, they will probably try to take out FEMA, first. I regard FEMA and other agencies like Homeland Security to be the battleships of our day. Taking these outfits out of the picture will demoralize more than it will damage. But that is one of the terrorists goals anyway. New Jersey will have to work harder than that, to beat Illinois in the race to the bottom, and they both may find California waiting there for them. Here in Texas, we never have to file and pay income tax to the state. But we do have a governor in a wheelchair playing footsie with the anti-gun groups. And it’s becoming more common to get what you need “under the table” than over the counter.

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