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  1. I hope the Democrats continue to latch onto Socialism, the more the better. They’re digging their grave deeper and deeper. Also, I hope they keep getting even more radical on their gun control stance. All of this is really a gift to the rest of us sane people.

  2. DNC: Future is Socialism

    Well, if we honestly, using math not feelings, measure the net US government involvement into it’s economy one can only rightly conclude that we are already a socialist country.

    Debt my friends, is not capital.

    And historically we can use the cost of debt and warfare as a measure of “growth” because these are the only ways a socialist economy can “grow” or appear to do so. These are 2 ways that prove we are already socialist country.

    Want a 3rd way? What precisely is not controlled or manipulated by government regulation? Name one thing? Anything? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  3. Patrick Henry walked out of the constitutional convention in protest as he saw that the Constitution was a failed model. It created the monster, the central government including Jefferson’s despised federal judiciary. Henry knew a tyrant like Lincoln would come along and destroy States’ rights.

  4. Did anyone notice that this Ocasio-Cortez is no woman of the people? She is actually a rich […] from Westchester, NY., A very elitist community indeed. Ever notice how many elitists lay claim to socialism, socialism for everyone but them, of course. We are supposed to crowd into tiny little apartments and run down condos, while they have their gated and guarded communities and gated and guarded estates. They complain about Trumps wall, while living in their walled-in estates. They have trained and very well armed body guards, while demanding we disarm. Hypocrites all, and that includes way too many “conservative” Republican politicians. That would be the Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s and John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s of the world.

    As you can see I’m not a big fan of the current Republican leadership. These folks are not our friends. They are Democrats in Republican drag. When listening to any politician, man or woman, try to imagine them in a nice black NAZI SS officers uniform. Then pay close attention to the words. If the words match the uniform, you know what they are. I don’t call the US House minority leader Nazi Pelosi for nothing. The name matches the character. If the NAZI image does not quite fit, think of the Stalinist, or Maoist communist uniforms instead. If the words don’t match the imaginary uniform, well maybe they actually be saying something worth listening to.

    OK, rant over.

  5. New comments:

    Would the Founding Fathers Recognize America? Heck no, even Alexander Hamilton, not my favorite of the founding generation, would be appalled. Jefferson and Henry would be calling for a new revolution and no union of States.

    Ban on Shotguns. The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right, not subject to the whims of a bunch of elitists. Even the States are barred from infringing on that right, without due process of law. That means a crime must be committed, an investigation of that crime, an arrest, a charge, a trial, and most importantly a conviction for that crime must happen before this fundamental human right can be taken away. Oh, and that crime must cause real, tangible harm to another human being or their property.

    “Gun control is the idea that it’s better to see a woman dead in an alley, strangled
    with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.”—T.D. Melrose

    These gun-grabbers need to be tried for human rights violations.

    End of rants for the night, thank you.

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