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  1. NRA:
    The NRA is the worlds premiere gun control organization. It’s members are like a slow-witted child playing with a broken toy. All the adults see that your toy doesn’t work anywhere but in your imagination. Everybody from Trump and LaPierre down to Darnell in the projects (who knows better than to fill out a 4473) can see it but you. You’ve been had.

    Facebook is shocked that somebody ELSE would use your data to make money and influence the populace…shocked!
    So, the benevolent facebook collects all this data about you? And then some (other) bad guy uses the data but this use, of course, is not for your own good?
    Here’s the thing, the population, including the congress and other nations political’s, are soooooooo very stupid that they will play right into this. “We need to keep all the data facebook collects safe from somebody ELSE!!! We’ll get to the bottom of this, I can assure you.”
    When the service is free the product is YOU!
    The Internet is the worlds largest intelligence collection platform. Your personal information will be used against you. It’s to big a temptation. The money and power is too much. You are the target!
    Look what I found on Survival Blog today!
    “During my career I was “voluntold” to write ground-up Intelligence reporting to higher headquarters. These tasks, though uninspiring at first, would eventually teach me many ways to deliver “secure” messages via plain text or open source communications formats, as well as teach me the way Intelligence personnel conduct predictive analysis in order to synchronize Infantry operations to anticipate enemy actions and get personnel “left of bang”.”

    Do you understand?

  2. Baseball Cap Fools Facial Recognition

    Even if the IR LEDs don’t make the cameras think that you’re a different person, they SHOULD “flare” the camera to make your face unrecognizable to the camera and the associated computer program.

    1. Flaring the camera only works on older and/or cheap units. I have security cameras around my house that can’t be flared. About a year ago, they caught a prowler who saw the cameras and tried to flare them with his super-bright flashlight. With the flashlight only 6 inches from his face, I could clearly see the details of his face. The modern digital cameras have individual pixel control and if there is decent optics, flaring is worthless. I should also note that some cameras catch the early morning or late evening sun directly into the lens and only the pixels directly impacted are temporarily blinded.
      If you are depending on this flaring to keep from being recognized or analyzed, you’re already caught.

  3. Restraining orders are one of the most misused legal ploys ever created. They mostly are used simply for revenge. These new laws allowing a similar attack on gun rights will be misused and I’m guessing on a massive scale. It is perfect for and seems designed for the scorned woman and/or the angry neighbor or co-worker. I hope this gets challenged in court.

  4. I would recommend 2nd Amendment advocates to join Gun Owners of America. I am a member and they are a no compromise outfit. I am also a NRA member but there really is no comparison. Consider joining, it’s only $20 per year.

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