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  1. I tell all my younger relatives to READ history, starting with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. To turn off TV and awful movies, and LEARN. History is repeating itself. They would rather ignore me. Oh well! Sadly, someday when I am gone, they will remember the articles I sent, what I said, how and why to prepare, why to get armed. America is way too far in debt, and is a declining nation. We had our day, but the sun is setting. How anyone can allow themselves to be sitting ducks is beyond me. Thankfully, I had a tough Dad born in 1904, who KNEW and taught us how to be prepared, and my Mother was right with him. A self-made man who never owned a credit cash, worked hard all his life, paid cash for everything, and loved us dearly. A man that would have settled the Old West. Old Yankee to the core.

    1. What you are saying is SO true!
      I’m not sure who it was, but there is a saying to the effect “Those who do not understand History are doomed to repeat it”
      It is more true now than ever before…
      Stay frosty!

  2. Of course Norway must give up their semi-auto rifles. Anyone can see that there is an invasion underway in Europe and soon their will be a civil war and perhaps a genocide. Nothing harshes a invaders mellow like an armed citizenry. Gun confiscation must accelerate or freedom will have a chance to survive.

  3. American Citizens who favor keeping the present remains of the Constitution (and perhaps restoring all or part of that which has been eroded) are opposed by at least an equal number who despise the Constitutional remains, and favor the continuing, if piecemeal, erosion. Of the two groups, the latter is by far, the better organized and subsidized. Between those extremes, is a huge ignorant and apathetic majority who, at best, are prepared to deal with only a single incident at a time, lest it interfere with their acquisition and entertainment. Continuing to deteriorate under these conditions, America will have a hard time dealing with the coming Caliphate, of which, Europistan will be the armory/manufactory, if not the Capitol.

  4. An observation from a frog outside of the pot, are they teaching students of the Amendments and particularly that the 2nd Amendment is the only way to ensure the government is held accountable? All the students from Florida that were interviewed – not one raised the 2nd Amendment (could also be only selected interviews chosen).

    The anti gun lobby keep using the Australian Gun Control Act as the shining light of sensible gun reform – believe me it is nothing of the sort. There are numerous arbitrary decisions and bans within the Act that have nothing to do with crime statistics or needs – rather an anti gun lobby who get as much free to air time on radio and tv as they want and presenters of various “news, current affairs and talkback” style shows all firmly behind disarmament. Any sensible movements towards rational discussions between shooters and legislators are screamed down by the gun control crowd, and survivors of the Port Arthur shooting are again trotted out 20 years after the shooting to elicit sympathy and apply pressure to politicians, not to “weaken” our “world standard gun control”.
    Stay Strong and Fight for Your Rights.

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