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  1. Californians moving to Idaho, Hmm, My granddaughter’s husband worked in Ace hardware store in Oregon and was stelling of the people moving there from calif, they live in their own little communities and won’t mix with the locals unless they want something and they are trying to change the local laws to what they had in Calif. In other words, they are bring their bull s–t laws and regs with them.

      1. I believe Californians have been flooding into Oregon and Washington for decades. In 1990 I moved to Washington and people hated the Californians moving in way back then. So yeah I’d at least partially blame California for decades of invading us.

    1. Not all of us. I moved to Idaho from California where I was 17. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m 54 now and still think its the most beautiful place I have ever lived. Oh and my Idaho relative forgave me for being from California a long time ago. LOL

    2. Immigration (legal and illegal) into California created a great diaspora of former Californians into other States. … California use to be a Red State, with very patriotic Americans, that believed in hard-work as the road to success in American. Southern California could have been described as part of the ‘Bible Belt’ on the Pacific Coast.

      There are many politicians achieving political power by promising ‘free stuff’ for everyone, and high taxes on the ‘rich’ [anyone with a good job]. Many politicians are encouraging illegal immigration, and promising a cornucopia of ‘free stuff,’ without working.

      California has ~30+% of the Welfare Cases in the USA, with 12% of America’s population.

      There’s a link to the American Redoubt Region in this SurvivalBlog article. Many of the people leaving California feel as though, they are jumping off the RMS Titanic.

  2. People moving to your area from California is a really bad thing. Here in the UP of Michigan we have people from there, New York and most especially from Illinois. And it is a disaster. They are a disaster in the making. Everything that is bad there they bring with them and seem to multiply it. Frankly we hate most of them. Take my advice and do not encourage them to move there. You will really regret it. Your communities will be destroyed.—ken

  3. I’ll take mundane, slow paced and bucolic any day over hectic, congested and polluted such as it is here in Southern California. I’m fortunate enough to live in one of the last conservative small towns in the region, but every now and then I need to venture out and confront the beast that is Los Angeles. All I can say is that “ horrible “ barely scratches the surface, you really have to see it to believe it. Whatever it is that you guys are doing in the Redoubt to keep it so “boring”, keep doing it. The alternative is not pretty.

  4. I have always thought it was a bad idea to encourage people to move to the American Redoubt. Anyway, Wyoming is COLD, WINDY, DRY, and Animals that will Eat you, and there ain’t no JOBS. So come visit, bring your money, spend it, and then head on back to your home State wherever that maybe. Trekker Out

  5. Could someone publish a list of places that Californians are not moving. I live in North. Idaho and have heard dozens of horror stories of long time residents being harassed by new transplants with more money then brains.

  6. Don’t forget that a FBI “Data Center” (ak Fusion Center) is being built in Pocatello, ID. It will supposedly employ over 600 people… Seems like an odd place to put a data center….

  7. Regarding the hysteria of Californians moving to Idaho, did no one catch the over 6000 people moving to Idaho from a “foreign country” number? That surprisingly got no mention in the comments here. Anyway, as a conservative Californian staying here in the fight and in a Red county, I can honestly say that I can only take so much more. There are a lot of us conservative Californians still. We just don’t get a voice – so you don’t hear us. Don’t judge until you meet us. We may just be more of a refugee than that over 6000 foreign country number no one seemed to notice – and more like minded to you than you might think. Meanwhile, take notice of Rep. Fulcher – Introduces Bill for One Subject Rule. That’s a great step that needs phone calls to your Reps to support.

  8. Whenever I see a blog telling people to move to Idaho I always comment that the winters are fierce, the growing season short, super hot in the summer and everyone carries a weapon. Hopefully it will keep liberals at bay in Commiefornia.

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