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  1. As one who lives in a small BLUE New England State, I can attest that there are many, many people caught driving under the influence of alcohol, and oh yes, DRUGS, and distracted driving with their cell phone or electronic device. Winding roads and highways, too crowded, many trucks, no idea YET how to drive in snow/ice – how about really SLOWING DOWN??? Seems the first little snow storm, these Yankees have to learn how to drive all over again, and of course, many run out to the store to get basic foods! After more than 65 years of living here off and on, I wonder how this so-called highly educated state could be so clueless about some things!

    1. Most were never taught to drive in the first place,can’t relearn what wasn’t taught in the first place. Driving tests are a joke in this country and many testers take bribes(and get caught),refuse to fail or failures are overridden by superiors. Insurance companies make money off poorly skilled or untrained drivers,police,municipalities and car manufacturers also profit.

  2. Being a former DUI enforcement officer in a medium sized college town along the front range where I spent 18 months detecting and arresting hundreds of drunk (& stoned) drivers I can attest that there far more drunk drivers on the roads then most realize. The statistics at the time were that for every DUI incident detected there were about 12,000 that went undetected. [An incident being each time a vehicle is driven by an intoxicated driver, so if one managed to make it to 10 bars and then went home that would be 10 incidents] This equated to about 1 out of 10 drivers during the day and 1 out 5 at night in major metropolitan areas. The roads were teaming with intoxicated drivers where I spent my time just getting the worst off of the road, which had its many dangerous moments. Today, it is far worse with the addition of non-alcohol intoxicated incidents and distracted drivers on the phone. I can see where the statistics are distorted in states with smaller population centers and longer driving times between stops. Be careful and be attentive to all drivers around you, regardless the time of the day.

  3. Joseph Branch Railriders…That looks like some kind of fun.

    From the link:

    Currently, the excursion is a six mile ride between tiny Joseph (pop. 1,000) and the “big” town of Enterprise nearby (pop. 2,000).

    Having cycled many trails, I have never done one like this. I’m eager to check it out.

    Carry on

  4. Here in Connecticut, as of 3/9/19 we have had FOUR wrong way crashes in the last 30 days, on various major interstates, at night, usually late, some with fatalities. In decades, have never seen it this bad. The drugs are everywhere, and it is worse than the drinking, and sometimes the driver has been doing both. I felt a lot safer when flying small planes in the 1970’s than I would feel on the interstates now! My old instructor always said, “the most dangerous part of flying is driving to the airport!”

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