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  1. They need to remove all our public and private family data from the net. There’s just too many sites out there to go after and request your information to be removed. I do international contracts sometimes and it’s funny that the Chinese businessmen know more about me than I do before I arrive….

    This needs to stop! There’s way too much information on the net on every american citizen and is a threat to national security.

    1. But they have every ‘right’ to know about you, as you and your children’s future labor has been traded for a few worthless trillions of fiat money. You, are a resource, a global commodity, a corporate slave under agenda 2030. You have the right to pay taxes and to die, that’s it.

      1. Your mention of us being considered a “resource” reminded me of the scene in the movie The Matrix, where Morpheus held up the Copper Top battery, to illustrate his point.

        1. I found a clip, about 2.5 minutes long, of the section you mentioned leading up to the battery. It reminded me of how I found Christ. I knew from my youth that something was wrong, that the world was not supposed to be this way where evil abounds and men constantly struggle against it trying to fix it, even government is simply trying to fix the broken covenant of Adam. We can’t go back to the Garden, all we can do is go toward the Cross of Christ Jesus from where all liberty is granted.

    2. I’ve been removing my name from data aggregation sites for several years now via Opt-Out or Removal requests. Some of the sites keep your info deleted (or at least hidden from public access) permanently, while others perform regular sweeps of the Intertubez, whereupon your data might be visible again. If you check the sites on an annual basis, you should be able to keep ahead of them. For example, if you put my full name (my real one, not Guesty, lol) into Google, no info or images whatsoever come up. It’s a little bit of work when you first begin “scrubbing” yourself from the Web, but the peace of mind of being hidden from the general public is well worth it.

  2. Sell Montana to Canada?
    Remember that the national debt and budget deficit are NOT the same thing. They want to trade your state to relieve themselves of the responsibility to pay their own debts. I couldn’t really think of a more sinful way to attempt to go about debt relief other than making your creditors human slaves.

    But I have an idea, can Montanan’s donate 1 trillion of their own dollars and buy themselves out (secession) of the former republic and become a free and independent State? Of course not. Lincoln settled this matter and we all live and breath at the whim of the Holy Washington Empire.

      1. Maybe an idea for Kevin, as he might have some available cash to start another petition. Maybe, the USA citizens could raise money to ~>pay Mexico or China to take a large section of California away from the USA. … Millions and Millions of people would sign that petition.
        When discussing a wall along the USA and Mexico border, some people suggest extending the wall along the border California has with the rest of America. [The wall that looks like ‘jail’ bars would be suitable.]

  3. Wyoming School – My dad taught at a one-room, one student school in North Central Wyoming in 1991-1992. The school was just south of the Montana line about 40 minutes north of Leiter, WY. The closest places to get gas or groceries was 2 hours away – Gillette, Sheridan, or Buffalo. My mom and dad loved it.

    1. Tom, I passed by that school many times in the decades I worked in the Redoubt and used to stop in at Leiter on my way home from work.

      School districts in WY actually LOVE to have one-room classrooms because the state law (15 years ago) provided every classroom unit would get $75,000, within a school district.

      Local school boards would then hire a teacher at $35,000 and skim the other $40,000 off the top for their other desires.

  4. First: I believe that even the ACLU is opposed to Idaho SJR 101

    Second: If selling Montana to Canada would generate $1 trillion, the obvious question would then be how much would Russia give for Alaska, or China /Japan give for Hawaii ?
    Another thought would be to lease (long term-30 year) the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone to China and allow them to run it and collect all profits to satisfy the U.S. debt. (China would be required to take out a “volcano” policy. )
    Why hasen’t Lexie Cortez thought of this???

    1. Why hasen’t Lexie Cortez thought of this??? Lexie doesn’t think, period.

      I’ve come up with a new name for AOC; Whitegirl Sandy from Westchester. She is from Puerto Rican parents, Spanish by descent, making her European, Caucasian, and therefore WHITE. For a supposedly educated person, she sure is ignorant. She is supposed to be educated in economics. I don’t want anything to do with her ignorant economic fantasies. She also shows her ignorance in her manner of speech and in her writing. What freaking higher education was given to her? She certainly didn’t earn her degree(s) by study and accumulation of actual knowledge.

      As far as “selling” Montana: Since the FedGov doesn’t own Montana, how can they sell it. The same goes for Alaska and Hawaii. Once they ceased being territories and became States, federal ownership ended. Our FedGov does own some $150-$200 Trillion is assets at market value. Sell off, at market value (as opposed to crony value) $22T in assets, make a constitutional amendment to make federal debt accumulation, even in time of war, illegal. Then pay off all those debts permanently.

  5. They don’t need the club, they will just end up with broken windows.
    LoJack (or leave an old phone with “Find my device” enabled in the Subaru).

    I don’t think it will be a problem when Spokane is part of Liberty, but I noticed when I was in Seattle that their theives are stupid as well as evil.

  6. You live in Montana? OMG… What’s in Montana?!! That place sounds just horrible!

    I hear this question often. My reply?

    “Oh, not much. Just some Wild rivers, millions of acres of wilderness, Yellowstone, Glacier National Forest, black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions and bobcats, white tail deer and mule deer, elk and buffalo herds, wolves, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, trout, Salmon, walleye, some of the best fly fishing anywhere, ALL the pretty horses, majestic mountains, beautiful wind swept high plains, a top creative writing university, a top engineering university, an extraordinary number of gifted artists, amazing architecture, lots of wheat, barley, cattle, and nukes, Ranchers and farmers, gold, silver, platinum, sapphires and turquoise, more folks with advanced degrees per capita than almost any other state, and a highly armed population with many freedoms still intact. But I digress… the more important question is “what’s NOT in Montana?”

    This usually shuts them up. 🙂

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