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  1. Wyoming would have to ask the federal government for permission to remain on daylight saving time? And government-indoctrinated Americans still believe Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression was about slavery.

  2. RE sales tax in Montana..

    No Thanks.

    Perhaps tourists from other states and countries are used to paying a sales tax. I was, I left that state. A tax would kill auto and truck sales along with farm equipment..People come to buy those things here to avoid paying their state sales tax. I don’t know if tax is collected in their state after transfer.. My employer sells many vehicles to out of state buyers.

    being Montana , wages are already suppressed enough. I don’t need to pay any more taxes than I already do

  3. Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time, and life is much easier if we all did. Pick a time and stick with it! No one could convince me of the value in it.

    Just get up earlier!


  4. Regarding Daylight savings time, how about we just split the difference and move the clocks 30 minutes. Then, your half way between DST and Standard time and you NEVER move the clocks again!

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