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  1. “Kinner, a 30-year-old homeless man, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 3-year-old Ruya Kadir and eight counts of aggravated battery in the alleged stabbing/slashing of eight others, including five children. All of the victims of the June 30 stabbing were refugees, and many were attending Kadir’s birthday party at the Wylie Street Station Apartments.”

    Does anybody have more background on this? What religion are the ‘refugees’? Where are they seeking refuge from? Kadir is not Stevenson or Jones, what is his religion, where was he raised? The article leaves all of these important questions unanswered. These are critical historical and anthropological questions. No, we’re not all the same.

  2. Why in the world does the religion, refugee status or birthplace of the 3 year old VICTIM (along with 7 other victims including 4 other children) of a mass stabbing at a childs birthday party matter at all?

    I cannot imagine any possible reason that would be relevant in any way and especially not to the article about the accused murderer (Homeless man – 30 year old Timmy Earl Kinner Jr. of Boise ID).

    1. Grey Woman

      I was going to remark on this earlier, but didn’t want to think I was the only one. To answer your question, it has ZERO to do with it. The comment was a dog whistle, and not a subtle one at that. I am a die-hard conservative 100% in favor of Trumps travel ban (we have a right to control our borders), but this comment was designed to attempt to categorize the defendant as a Muslim extremist and insinuate THAT is the reason for this heinous crime.

      I’d bet dollars to donuts that Fred does not question the religious affiliation of a white perpetrator who commits a heinous crime.

      I dislike Islam. But I like the 1st Amendment more

      1. To make it worse, what was being questioned was the religion of the VICTIMS, not the defendant. Neither would be ok, but this seemed to imply that it would be a lesser crime or somehow ok because the murdered child and the other victims were refugees and possibly Muslim.

  3. Wolves…most have no idea how out of control the wolf population. Game agencies are covering up the truth. I have multiple trail cams out and I am stunned at the number of wolves that are all over western Montana. Hunting and trapping is not making a dent in the populations. The lion population is out of control as well. Wild ungulate numbers are in significant decline. The ultimate goal of replacing the human hunter with those of fangs and claws is about to come to fruition.

  4. No, it wasn’t a Democrat election scam in Wyoming.
    And Mark Gordon is to the right of most coastal Republicans.

    The problem is when the seat is open, you will have at least a half dozen candidates, and only one can be elected. You can look up the results. Several more conservative candidates split the vote. None exited before election day.

    No one has suggested Wyoming have a run-off between the top two when no one gets over 50% in the primary but that would fix it.

    Or candidates should be more responsible in exiting instead of splitting the vote

  5. This is nothing new. There are a few local landowners who have always opposed any development in the Egan Slough area. (The original Egan Slough Zoning District was created back in 2002 in order to prevent the Salvation Army from operating a youth camp on a 160 acre tract of land, which the late Bill Parrish had donated to them for that purpose. The irony is that Lew Weaver, the owner of the Montana Artesian Water Company, supported the original ESZD; now it is being used against him.)

  6. About 20 years ago Alaska had open primaries where anyone could vote for any candidate. What happened was the Democratic party put up only one Democratic candidate in each position while the Republicans had several candidates in some positions. Some of these were not qualified or very over the edge. So what happened was the Democrats would vote for the oddball crazy candidates thus they were almost always getting their candidate elected in the General election. The Republicans finally wised up and got the Republican ticket on the primary a closed ticket where only Republicans, Independents and non-declared could vote for Republican candidates. This prevented a lot of crazies from being elected.

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