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  1. Redoubt Grizzely-Palooza,
    It’s not lost on me that judges blocking griz hunts, plus allowing increasing griz ranges could lead to vehicular deaths of griz, along with increasing human griz contacts. These things don’t happen in a vacuum. Of course, in lefty land there is no cause and effect and without a doubt, consequences are now banned from the discussion.

    Oh and, if you still think fox news is still right leaning then you are brainwashed. Nowhere does the article state if the HUMAN driver was hurt or if the other people involved in hitting a griz are ok and no estimation of property damage either. Even at fox humans are sub animals.

  2. Grizzly have been in Washington State for years, there really isn’t any need to stock more and overburden the amount of habitat that will support a natural migration. Grizzly were photographed, by WA DOT camera’s at the wildlife overpass on I-90 on the eastern slope years ago. There has been a confirmed sighting of grizzly near the Yakima Reservation.

  3. I do not understand how the multiple changes proposed in I1639 meet the requirements of the single subject rule for initiatives and bills in Washington State.

    It would seem that creating a new definition, adding a tax, changing the rules for interstate commerce, and making unnecessary “requirements” for security and training for responsible gun owners represents multiple subjects.

    This bill is a Hail Mary and the whole country is watching. Big money funded this attempt to severely dilute our God given rights.
    A majority of King and Pierce county voters blindly follow the left leaning politics. Our best opportunity to defeat I1639 is to get it off of the ballot.

  4. The I- 1639 initiative in Washington is an absurd piece of gun control legislation . Unfortunately the left side of the state usually controls the outcome of these things. If this passes , there should be a lot of “for sale” signs going up . As usual it severely controls law abiding gun owners . I don’t think criminals will obey the law .
    This is about people control not gun control, it will not keep people from killing one another at all.
    I pray that enough voters realize what a fiasco this is and soundly defeat it .I don’t have a lot of hope for that .

  5. bluesman
    I agree with all you have said.
    Not only will “criminals not obey the law” as with all ill-conceived gun (people) control legislation, I1639 has the potential to turn responsible citizens into criminals without their knowledge.

    We must defeat this initiative, I don’t know if we have the votes even if every like minded, God loving patriot in Washington State votes no.

    1. Lee,
      How to defeat this initiative is the big question in a liberal-socialist leaning state . Apparently Gates helped fund the last “gun initiative” in the state , that is big $$$$ and hard to combat. Unfortunately it does take money to fight this thing .
      Waking up the gun clubs, shooting ranges , firearms retailers and patriots is a big task and I really don’t know how to do that except one patriot at a time .I pray for direction.

  6. I do not know how to attack this initiative threat and “wake up” the law abiding citizens of the state of Washington . All I can think of at this point is to talk to people, make them aware of the coming storm. Where are the gun clubs ,the firearms retailers, anyone that cares about the Constitution. This is a sad state we are in.

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