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SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt

Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. [1] We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on realtor Todd Savage [2], who was profiled in the recent American Redoubt article series.

Region-Wide (Todd Savage)

The huge Southern California wildfires had been raging for so many days that the local fire crew were at the point of exhaustion. So late last week the call for help went out, and fire departments from throughout the western United States responded. I’m proud to report that many of the volunteer departments that responded were from American Redoubt. It has been reported that  “fire crews from Boise, Meridian, Kuna, and Star left Thursday morning for California to help provide assistance in any way they can. [3] Ditto for Montana [4]. Ditto for Oregon [5]. May God bless them, protect them, keep their families at home safe in their absence, and bring them all home safely!

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The fifth (and presumably final) installment of the American Redoubt article series at The Sandpoint Reader has been posted. It focuses on Redoubt realtor and retreat consultant Todd Savage: Profiles of the Redoubt: The Redoubt Realtor [6]JWR’s Comments:  Before this series began, I warned SurvivalBlog readers that it would probably show bias. But in retrospect, I can now see that the series showed very little bias, and that is commendable. So I hereby apologize for my presumptive warning. It was good to see at least one group of journalists set their biases aside and just focus on the facts.

I have known Todd Savage for 14 years.  We’ve worked together on a few projects, helping relocation clients. Over the years we’ve referred a lot of business to each other.  I never have any hesitation about sending folks to Todd Savage and his ventures. As a Former Marine, he really knows his stuff about retreat security. Todd has also served as a volunteer fireman, so he has first hand knowledge on how to protect retreat properties from fire. And he has a strong background in  real estate in general and the Redoubt Region in particular. I highly recommend him.

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The Sandpoint Reader also had this companion piece: The American Redoubt Series: Location, location, location [7].


Native Idahoan and local small business owner Tammy Nichols has announced her candidacy [8] for Idaho Legislative House Seat B, in District 11.

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I’ve mentioned this small company before: Werkz Holsters [9]. They are located in the small town of Princeton, Idaho. (Coincidentally, that was one of the locales in my novel, Patriots [10].) They specialize in making custom molded Kydex holsters and magazine carriers. Their quality is top notch, and their prices are reasonable. Unlike most other holster makers that only offer standard “catalogued” models, Werkz will custom make you a holster to your own specifications. Check them out.

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Murders are relatively uncommon in the Redoubt, and the punishments meted out to murderers are often severe. Here is an example:  Killer in Boise State student’s death sentenced to life in prison without parole


PROOF Research [11] in Columbia Falls, Montana now makes perhaps the ultimate in multi-caliber precision bolt action rifles. It is called the Switch [12]. These are expensive, but the makers promise 1/2-MOA accuracy. That is amazing for a rifle that can be switched between seven popular calibers.

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Montana wildlife reserve to offer bison hunts on the prairie [13]

Eastern Oregon

Application for third Pendleton pot farm sent back to planning commission [14]

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This article clearly shows some bias, but is worth a read: Wolves’ return to Oregon brings conflict and opportunity [15]

Eastern Washington

Spokane ranked seventh most hipster city in the United States [16]

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Helicopters to be used to capture deer in Eastern Washington [17]



Gunwerks [18], of Burlington, Wyoming, has made itself famous for building “1,000 yard capable rifles, out of the box.”  Their rifles [19] are expensive, but are amazingly accurate. Oh, and the company is  hiring! [20]

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Man convicted of stealing $150,000 sentenced to probation [21]. JWR’s Comments: Are we witnessing a double standard, here? If an ordinary street criminal had figured out how to extract $150,0o0 from ATMs without doing physical damage, I doubt that he would have only been sentenced to probation. Wearing a uniform does not constitute a Free Pass. America really needs to get back to: “Equal justice, under the law.”


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#1 Comment By Don Williams On December 12, 2017 @ 3:06 pm

Quote from JWR: ” Before this [ Sandpoint Reader] series began, I warned SurvivalBlog readers that it would probably show bias. But in retrospect, I can now see that the series showed very little bias, and that is commendable. So I hereby apologize for my presumptive warning. It was good to see at least one group of journalists set their biases aside and just focus on the facts.”

You might want to check your 6, Rawles.

From the Sandpoint Reader article:
“Next week, we will begin the second half of the series, which will explore the politics of the Redoubt and the effects the movement has had on the political environment of North Idaho.”

#2 Comment By benjammin On December 12, 2017 @ 3:19 pm

Once again, the government is playing “Jurassic Park” with a creature that was eliminated long ago and has no place in the current ecosystem. The more they try to control things, the less control they end up with. Wolves don’t belong in the Pacific Northwest. Trying to make the square peg fit just won’t work, no matter how hard you pound on it. Eventually you will break the whole damned thing.

Abraham Whistler quote: “We kill as many of em as we can find”.

#3 Comment By The Montana Trader On December 12, 2017 @ 3:25 pm

Mr. Savage helped us purchase a small acreage in NW Montana a few years ago. He has a great program designed to identify candidate properties in a time and cost efficient fashion. Although not inexpensive his services are a great value as it will shave years and many expensive trips off your property search. I would strongly encourage serious buyers to give him a call and hear what he has to offer. I’ll have to say that if things go south with the North Koreans, which I anticipate, I’ll feel safe stashing my family away in a cozy cabin with well water, mountains on all 4 sides and a year around elk herd 300 vertical feet up the hill.