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  1. Quote from JWR: ” Before this [ Sandpoint Reader] series began, I warned SurvivalBlog readers that it would probably show bias. But in retrospect, I can now see that the series showed very little bias, and that is commendable. So I hereby apologize for my presumptive warning. It was good to see at least one group of journalists set their biases aside and just focus on the facts.”

    You might want to check your 6, Rawles.

    From the Sandpoint Reader article:
    “Next week, we will begin the second half of the series, which will explore the politics of the Redoubt and the effects the movement has had on the political environment of North Idaho.”

  2. Once again, the government is playing “Jurassic Park” with a creature that was eliminated long ago and has no place in the current ecosystem. The more they try to control things, the less control they end up with. Wolves don’t belong in the Pacific Northwest. Trying to make the square peg fit just won’t work, no matter how hard you pound on it. Eventually you will break the whole damned thing.

    Abraham Whistler quote: “We kill as many of em as we can find”.

  3. Mr. Savage helped us purchase a small acreage in NW Montana a few years ago. He has a great program designed to identify candidate properties in a time and cost efficient fashion. Although not inexpensive his services are a great value as it will shave years and many expensive trips off your property search. I would strongly encourage serious buyers to give him a call and hear what he has to offer. I’ll have to say that if things go south with the North Koreans, which I anticipate, I’ll feel safe stashing my family away in a cozy cabin with well water, mountains on all 4 sides and a year around elk herd 300 vertical feet up the hill.

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