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  1. While I would love Idaho to have some beachfront property, and all the goodness that goes with it (lack of infringement on 2A ect.), if you all could make a stand for liberty by getting rid of income tax that would be an example to the other states as even more people flock to your freer shores.

  2. A new state named “Greater Idaho”? I imagine all the State of Jefferson folks will want to cast their two cents on that, lol.

    Interesting to see that it’s gaining additional traction, though.

  3. Ceding any part of Washington, Oregon, or California is a pipe dream. The govts rely on revenue generated by the areas in questions for their benefit. They will not give up such an asset willingly, and they have the numbers to ensure they retain that authority.

    1. You may be right. Seems to me the odds were similar in 1773. If patriots then folded at the odds, where might we be now? Are you suggesting the attempt isn’t worth doing? Or are you suggesting something else? Just asking.

  4. I live in Jackson County Oregon and like a way to get info and/or news on the possible move of the Idaho border. I signed up for E-mail on THEIR web site land have not received Squat! I would like to sign petitions, I would like to be apart of this great deal. I DO NOT and WILL NOT join Facebook or any other social media outlet, I do not trust them! Thanx, Semper Fi.

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