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  1. Myself and my wife live in New York city. Reading the article about New Yorkers moving to rural s.c. had me chuckle a bit. Since her and I are now executing the “new New York dream retirement” plan.

    Basically people used to (in n.y.c.) dream of moving to Florida. No joke. It really was a thing.

    But now the new dream is aimed at.
    “I can get proterty in VA. NC. SC. For cheap cheap and move there when I retire.”

    My young (younger than me) ex boss one day explained in detail how his dream was to get land in Pennsylvania and air BNB it until he hit exit point quotas then move.

    “Ah man Jay it will be awesome. . .. a couple acres a couple stories far enough out to be away from the hill billyies and rednecks …..( Ops sorry not guys like you j of course… ) *Slight pregnant pause* ….. But yeah a nice liberal area down there”

    Virginia is a big move to target for New Yorkers as well. Being only hours away from thier family in n.y.c.

    For what it worth me and the wife are looking to save up for property in West Virginia now (something like 3 to 5 acres with water available on it) to move her close to her kin.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to see who is moving from where in any statistics but I’d highly recommend you check out if you can. I could think of nothing worse than moving to an area just to watch it get over populated by the very people you want to avoid.

    1. We bought a place in a very remote part of the Ozarks several years ago and our neighbors (as your ex-boss call them Hill billyies and Rednecks) have become tolerant of us because after getting to know us, they realized we have the “right mindset” (conservative Christian outlooks). It takes a long time before the locals will “Accept” outsiders so we feel blessed. One day about a year after we bought, a neighbor was telling us they liked “liberals” down here. He said “it gives us something to do on slow weekends!” 🙂

      As a liberal, your younger ex-boss may like it, but if not, at least he’ll be providing entertainment for the locals!

    2. Stay in New York. Fla, Tn, NC and SC don’t need any more New Yorkers. Stay in your sxxt hole. Don’t mess up our sxxt hole. We like it the way it is. We don’t need any uppity New Yorkers tryin’ to bring “cevilization” to ussn hillbillies.

      I wish they would build that wall on the Northern border of Florida. Then we could have some control on our rat population. Deamon rat population .

  2. As mentioned in the Woodpile Report: “Trust me on this. We’re full up, no good places left. The weather’s terrible, the people are ungovernable and the ground is unsuited for agriculture. You’ll starve in friendless misery. Direct your attention elsewhere. ”

  3. Regarding prep readiness:
    Run a test scenario in your head and examine the results. What are you short on? What crap do you have in your way that you wish were gone? Do you desperately need a shelf for that one wall? Is your bench vise broken but you haven’t replaced it yet? More brass or primers for the reloading bench? Six half full, gallon cans of paint from 1996 in the garage that aren’t even a liquid anymore? Old, out of date OTC meds that are undoubtedly well past their primes? Down to four pairs of underwear and six socks? Got old cast iron cook wear that needs cleaned and seasoned? A box of kitchen knives just waiting to be sharpened?

    Stop mucking about, get on with it.
    Get what you need. Get rid of what you don’t. Organize what you got.

    The world ain’t gonna end tomorrow but why put off important things to do (and undo) when it’s still safe and easy? The Wuhan Virus situation isn’t getting any better. Why wait? No one knows what’s coming but based on the quite real possibility of a pandemic, this just might prove out to be the calm before the storm. Do you want to look back and bitterly wish that you had used your time more wisely.

    Don’t be a schmuck, make your own luck.

    1. From your post:
      “Stop mucking about, get on with it.
      Get what you need. Get rid of what you don’t. Organize what you got.”

      Well said. We agree, and we’re doing just this. Even though we have been serious preppers for many years, there is always something to get, something to discard, something to repair, and lots to organize. With the 2019-COVID (named now by the WHO) circulating about, we are speeding all efforts up, and clarifying our focus points.

      Meanwhile… News suggests that an evacuee who was positive for the virus was released into the general evacuee population of about 200 others before authorities realized the lab mix-up. Unfortunate this is… Sure hope no one else catches the bug as a result.

      Stay well. Be safe everyone!

  4. Regarding the NY dream retirement. Stay home we are full. Let me explain. My family settled in eastern Pa. in 1900. We had a family farm on a hollow. Most of the family lived there very happily. Then NY and NJ found our area they got on the School Board and Township Council. Property taxes soared and they began a campaign of property acquisition by eminent domain. They attacked the farm property three times. We fought them. They finally stopped because they ran out of money. They could not borrow anymore. We were exhausted. We knew they would be back. We sold out and were scattered to the wind. I love lib NY and NJ like I would like to have some dreaded disease.. They take what they want. We DO NOT NEED THEM.

    1. Crooked frog I could not agree more. I grew up in S.E. PA. then joined the U.S. Navy only to have my first duty station where I had lived within a half hour of. But then I could live at home and not have to worry about barracks inspections.
      After that I get to travel and live in many “exotic” locations: San Diego, Ca; Crete, Greece; in and around Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and ending up at Kuwati Freedom; Bermuda; Spain and ending in Key West, Fl. But while Key West is exotic visitors want and do move there and after six months they want it like “back home”. Now living in N. Fl. and the new folks moving here from down South and the North East are fine for awhile. But then they want it like “back home”. I love it the way it IS and WAS! I have even been called a local by some of the multi-generational families here.
      So to all those that want new imports, be very careful what you ask for, you just might get it. But not the way you want.

  5. “In 2011, a blogger and former US Army intelligence officer named James Wesley, Rawles – he includes the comma in his name – wrote a widely circulated post urging “freedom-loving Christians” to move to the region as a safe haven.”

    You’re still wildly popular Mr. Rawles, and have influenced hundreds of thousands of people. It took me almost 10 years to get here, but I’m here now. I feel safe and relaxed and blessed. I thank you for your influence!

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  7. From the article re: “Survivalist real estate” –

    He had a record year in 2019, and was busy in the run-up to the 2016 election, when Donald Trump came to power.

    My guess is that the so-called journalist has some biases that are showing through… Pres. Trump did NOT “come to power.” He was duly elected and “took office.” Those biases taint the remainder of the article.

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