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  1. Re. Montana’s Steve Bullock
    How did Montana get the likes of him, Jon Tester and the rest of the Swamp Creatures? City dwellers. That’s the common denominator. Yes we have them including Marxist academia-ridden universities. And we have counties of majority native Americans who are addicted to the city-dwellers’ Welfare State.

    We need a divorce. It’s just a question (in their minds) of ‘Who gets the house?’.

  2. During a FOX-TV interview, Bullock appeared as the typical un-Trumply politician. That smooth, mellow voice talking carefully around each asked question.

    Can any SBlog reader explain why Montanans elected such a guy? In my opinion, a man that stands for nothing will stand for everything bad.

    1. I read that because of the history of Montana being a mining state, the miners unionized in the early last century and since DemonRat Mafia run the union racket many Montanans have voted DemocRat by default. With DemonRat voting comes “death by a thousand paper cuts” incrementalism gun control.

      Then throw in the tons of Commiefornians moving from SoCal and Hollyweird in the last 30 years driving up real estate prices in Montana compared to Idaho. When the Commiefornias come to the American Redoubt they vote Socialist as always.

      I speak from experience having been living “behind enemy lines” and having escaped to the Redoubt. The locals were shocked I wasn’t a gun grabbing Cali Crazy despite having come from there. Sadly, the local real estate folks have said, the Commiefornians heading to Idaho, like they already have to Oregon, Washington and Montana. #BuildTheWall.

  3. The law student should be aware that being a conservative trying to get accepted to the Bar may get him thrown in Super Max prison for life and “proof of innocence is not the basis for a new trial” SCOTUS.

  4. I’m becoming a fan of two SB bloggers [X. Liberal and Recovering Feminist] whom have both pointed out the hard facts in the past… How many of us men are going to applaud the first “female this” and the first “female that” when it is destroying human society to its very core?

    Look at NASCAR where we have 99% of the male drivers supporting a family which includes a stay at home spouse, and 0% of female driver supporting the same with their equality. Same goes for the “first female Marine pilot, blah, blah, blah!”

    They turn our American men into boyfriends, and won’t submit to their calling in life BY GOD to be women of God. How many abortions, lawsuits, divorces, male terminations, male incarcerations, and male harassment does society have to go through to see a woman smiling on a billboard in a “family providers” role? It’s too much!

    Not to mention there are so many commanders, generals, and high ranking officers relieved of duty due to gender equality BS that they knew nothing about and has nothing to do with military readiness. Modern warfare won’t take down our military leaders but these women in uniform have done an awesome job aiding our enemies and weakening our military to its core…

    See a pattern when women profess to be men in every way???

    Sorry, Not celebrating the women and believe they are committing treason. I actually celebrate Moms/Wives who are under the authority of their CNC-“husband” and producing fruit for our next generation of American youth to not tear at the fabric of our society because you claim you equal to a giraffe [oops I mean man] and really you’re not but get to sue, abort, divorce, maim, murder our society due to injustices of inequality!

    God bless!

  5. Please don’t post URLs using e.g. http://bit.ly/2OMm3wT. I like to know what I am clicking on before I click it. With URL link shorteners like Bit.Ly I cannot see what the web address is until I click it. For example above https://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2019/08/conservative-student-says-gonzaga-law-schools-liberal-bias-infringes-his-first-amendment-rights-.html

    In this case, I didn’t mind, but I don’t like to click to MSM like CNN, MSNBC, etc.
    Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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