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  1. Nothing like a gun made out of good old steel. I’m really tired of the mass of new plastic pistols endlessly offered. My Grandpappy gave me his stock M1911 back in the early 80’s. he bought it from the CMP for 17 bucks and some change in the mid 60’s. The old 1911 is still my favorite handgun.
    The older I get the more often I find myself upside down laying in a snowbank wondering how I got there.

    1. I am sick of plastic guns, so I opted for a new Remington R51 pistol (2nd manufacture run). I love that pistol and Pat did a great review on it. The R51 is featured on the cover of the October American Rifleman magazine with article. Remington made it right the 2nd time!

  2. The single biggest takeaway for me personally from this article was the danger of the things that we take for granted. Those steps and a handrail were wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is so easy to overlook the common place and the familiar. In a post SHTF situation a simple slip and fall could be catastrophic instead of merely annoying.

    PS: I’m also a huge fan of Springfield!

  3. Glad that Pat had a better experience than I did. I had a Loaded model with a slide done in the black “Armory Coat” and it chipped away around the ejection port after only a couple mags.

    I get that firearms are tools and will show wear when used, but it was too fast for my liking.

  4. It still must be mentioned that Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms helped fund a serious attack on the 2nd Amendment in Illinois. Springfield Armory has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s political war chests for the past decade. Madigan is a rabid anti 2nd Amendment crusader in Illinois. Springfield Armory needs to be ignored so they go out of business.

        1. It’s has always baffled me why so many gun manufactures still make their guns in Anti-Gun States such as Conn. Mass. and Ill. Gun Control is not a new issue, so Gun Makers stop contributing your taxes and wages in those Anti-Gun States. Trekker Out

  5. Hmmm, about the accuracy testing, I purchased a bersa thunder 380 last spring in nearly new shape, at about 350 rds it locked up tight on me after a trip to the Gunsmith I took it out and it locked up tight again and then back to the Gunsmith ( second time in 2 weeks ). needles to say I’m more than a little bit gun shy ( so to speak )about shooting it. (Trading material ?) I’m trying to find P14 para magazines for a springfield double stack .45 government model ( 1991a1 I think )

  6. I have a Springfield Armory Operator with a rail bought this year. My first 1911 purchase after a LOT of research and evaluating competitors including Kimber and Colt. I’ve shot perhaps 15-20 different models extensively and by far this production trigger is the best I’ve used on models in the $1k price range. I now understand what “breaks like glass” means. I too have noticed the groups getting slightly better with each range trip. Partly from me getting used to the gun and partly from breaking in. It’s a hunk of heavy metal for sure with outstanding build quality. It’s not my everyday carry but this is one I’ve purchased to hand off to my sons one day. In a SHTF situation I prefer lighter weight polymer pistols with 15+ rounds in the magazine, but this pistol certainly has its place.

    As for comments about SA going against 2A freedoms, I think some of the reporting was overblown and what wasn’t served to teach the company a valuable lesson. I won’t avoid buying their products as they are of very high quality but I do think the company should seriously think about replacing leaders and board members that made these decisions.

  7. Pat, Thanks for the review. I have an older TRP that shoots well. I have to say the trigger on my Loaded model has a cleaner crisper pull. Regarding carrying concealed, try the Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 holster. I have concealed my TRP with a loose fitting patterned t-shirt with no problem. The one thing to remember when carrying any full size 1911, don’t bend from the waist to pick something up and be careful sitting downing an getting back up. When you are standing up, the gun won’t print.

    I greatly appreciate you reviews, they are always detailed and informative. Thanks Pat.

  8. The Dan Wesson 1911s are another great value, if one doesn’t want to support Springfield Armory’s questionable decisions. I’ve shot a few of the DWs, and they are all excellent quality.

    If you’re wanting a true custom 1911, take a look at Guncrafter Industries. They also make them in the proprietary .50GI cartridge, along with .45ACP, 10mm, 9mm, and .38 Super.

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