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  1. MMMmmm, i’m interested. Pat, your reviews somehow make me feel as if my tool box is not complete until I test and ultimately purchase the tool of the week. Is it me or are you just so darn articulate in your review technique? Well, when my wife asks, “Don’t you have enough of those already?” My reply will be, “Pat made me do it.” Thanks for another great review.

    1. That is a hilarious response Ohio Guy I think I’ll use that. By the way Im a WV guy living just across the river in Southeast Ohio. Basically Southeast Ohio is just like West Virginia. Proud redneck deplorable hillbillies. Yee Yee

  2. I have a 7.5″ Seekins Precision AR pistol in 5.56. Off a bench it shoots into 3″ at 100 yds. Very, very pleased with this firearm, even though the BATFE has some illogical regulations in regard to it’s use..The differences between an AR pistol and a short barreled rifle when you can shoulder an AR pistol are really non-existent. An AR pistol can’t have a collapsible stock but it can have a collapsible forearm brace. It can’t have a vertical foregrip but it can have an angled one. Just silly and meaningless and purposeless regulations. Of course, in what week will they change again?

    1. To be honest, I just don’t get it…the 5.56 cartridge was developed for optimum powder burn and muzzle velocity with a 20″ barrel, so it’s not much of a real difference to employ an 18″ or even 16.5″. But I’ve seen these pistol kits with 5.56 with super-fhort barrels all the way down to 5.5″! You’re losing up to a quarter of the cartridge’s potential. Why not just go with the .300 AAC Blackout, which uses the same platform and mags? It’s engineered for a 10″ barrel, so the kits with 8.5″ barrels would work well.

  3. Pat,

    I always enjoy your reviews. When it comes to HD using an AR pistol, what are your thoughts on using a lower profile suppressor such as the Deadair Sandman K? I know the point of the AR pistol is to avoid BAFTE “tax stamp”, but it would negate many of the detractors of using a pistol for HD. The shorter cans won’t be hearing safe, but world certainly help. Thanks.


    1. You can legally have a suppressor on any pistol as long as you have the approval for ownership of the suppressor from BATFE. The 556 rated suppressor on an 7.5″ AR pistol will bring the decibels down to about 130 I am informed by Sig. But one of the real benefits is control of the muzzle flash. I would still wear some hearing protection, however.

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