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  1. As a guy with between 400 and 500 knives ,closer to 400 I never counted. I can honestly say less than 1% are made in Asia just for example I have cold steel made in U.S.A. I have numerouse first production run sog’s, Gerber gaters and even a Smith & Wesson police tactical that is clearly stamped west gemany. My sog twitch 2 xl was made in Germany. I guess what I am relaying is that do what I do scour pawn shops, yard sale 2nd hand store’s just always looking. Many time a first production run will be made here or Gemany. I like this knife that you just reviewed but for $175 I can buy a lot of old U.S. made steel.

  2. When I was working for the Navy in Yokosuka we visited Seki. A knife show was just starting and all I can say is it was spectacular. The Japanese have taken their knife making very seriously for centuries. Hand crafted with all kinds of wiz bang solid locks and stealth openers. The blades were perfect. Being on your payroll (thank you) I was not in a position to purchase anything but a soft drink but the knives were fun to look at. We are talking thousands of dollars for a custom one off folder.
    Pat you would have appreciated seeing the two apprentices hammering a samurai blade while the master barked orders.
    Thanks for the review.

  3. While I appreciate your [comments] about non US knives being of high quality and”Made in America” virtually non-existant, it’s your fault.
    We have been conned into believing Japanese cars are better, German guns are better, etc.
    Did you know BMW brings in cars from Mexico free whereas a F150 going to Germany faces a 50% tax?
    My message is simple, there are better American alternatives to foreign products.
    Perhaps Pat Cascio can start reviewing some of them, before the coming trade war really limits what you can buy.

  4. My HK 14925 (Benchmade) is made in USA and the price wasn’t unreasonable. Getting tougher, but yeah, you can still get some very good American made products

  5. Good article. I think I would like this knife. Memo to some Survival Blog readers. Pat is a writer ,I don’t think he makes trade policy for good old USA. And I never tire of whether or not a knife will cut a blackberry vine. I also have blackberry vines and I am south of Graceland.

    1. I am not addressing trade policy or was anyone else . What we are addressing is knife origin and cost ,while the knife reviewed is nice can you justify $175 dollars I don’t. if I want a different blade I shop and Ill be honest about this I had an original sog tiger shark , I bought at second hand store didn’t really know what it was just bought it for $28 dollars I liked it . It now reside’ in Commiefornau guy seen it and made an offer I couldnt turn down. The point of all this conversation we are men we like knives but we want good one’s. Everybody need to be careful as some of your precious benchmade are made in china. Most of these schrade’s , rough rider, and many other are simply Chinese junk.

      1. Exactly which Benchmade do you think is made in China? I do not know of any Benchmade’s or ZT knives made in China. Please do not put out information that is simply NOT TRUE!

        1. Sorry for you but the bench made mel perdume green Marine corps emblem on blade is not made here at all ! I don’t want to be a jerk here but bench made was originaly pacific cutlery corporation. they started out as Bali-song in 1979 many early knive were designed by Jody Sampson This I know as I am lucky to have one, on one side it says pacific cutlery corp. on the other is your Bench made Balisong logo but guess what it say’s made in japan. Just so you know %10 of bench made knives are produced off shore. So in the future ask me first I will share knife knowledge do not say I am spreading false hood’s that is your lesson for today. P.S. I don’t know all but I know a lot for sure.

  6. I do have to disagree with you Pat. There are still knives made in the USA that are quality knives, Benchmade, ZT, Case, Bark River, Bear and Sons, etc. This global economy thing is of course true but not all encompassing. Granted clothes, appliances etc are mostly made oversees and many are of acceptable quality HOWEVER this does not seem to universally apply to knives from China, IMHO. Knives from overseas can be quality,ie Seki,& Moki,Japan; Solingen, Germany but so far i don’t yet see the quality from Chinese knives. It may come eventually but not yet. Not sure why you continue to promote these Chinese knives. Are these reviews compensated? Why not review one of the US knives?

    1. Gee Tim I don’t know what you are referring too. Benchmade did make some knives overseas at one time but no longer makes any of them overseas. ALL BENCHMADE KNIVES ARE NOW MADE IN THE USA. The green Marine Corps emblem Mel Pardue knife that are referring too I am not aware of. Is this an old model. As an old Marine myself I thought that I would have recalled this knife.

      1. Give me a day or two I can’t find the knife right know I might have thrown it in with the cheap Kershaw’s and stuff I got for gift’s or bought traveling just to have one. Let’s clarify I did not say Marine corps. knife I said just the emblem on a black blade and green handles but not g10 sort of looks like an early griptilion . When I find it I will give you the model number. And like I said before think before you respond %10 of bench made products are made offshore to this day all you have to do is look it up instead of being like you are.

        1. “Being like you are”? Look the knives you may be referring to were the Red Class Benchmade knives these were discontinued 7-8 years ago. I’m a knife collector and live not far from the Benchmade plant in Oregon City, OR. Just to be sure I called a Benchmade manager and asked if there were any knives made overseas at this time that i was not aware of. HE STATED THAT EVERY KNIFE BENCHAMDE IS NOW MAKING IS MADE IN THE USA,

  7. I’m not going to argue that you can’t get a high quality knife made over seas, just point out that there are still plenty of U.S.-made options.

    I’m carrying a nice Southern Grind folder, made in the USA, that has held up well, and I would not want to leave TOPS out of the list of well-made U.S. blades. They’re in Idaho and from what I’ve heard employee quite a few vets.

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