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  1. I did a cursory browse of Skeleton Optics website and did not see any product useful to shooters who wear corrective lenses. Something like cocoon glasses that fit over regular glasses would be helpful.

  2. Being a retired cop and having gone through many pairs of sunglasses I find the average cost of $200 to be a price point I and probably most people can’t pay and for those who can would probably put their money into more useful items for survival. For less than $100 and even into the $50 range a person can buy a very useful pair of sunglasses and if they get broke or lost, oh well, go buy another pair.

  3. I get my sunglasses (smoked and amber safety glasses) from the auto parts store. Same UV protection. Meets or exceeds ANSI requirements. All for less than $20. I use them anytime I’m outdoors including driving and shooting.

    To each their own, though. Not for me to tell someone how to spend their money.

  4. Sounds like these are probably made in the same place as Serengeti sunglasses. Hands down, the best sunglasses I’ve owned or tried… Can often find models on clearance/firesale at various online outlets.

    However and importantly, these Skeleton glasses do not appear to be safety/shooting glasses — safety glasses are are ANSI Z87 rated not ANSI Z80 like here which is more UV protection IIRC.
    Also for shooting glasses, you want ballistic glasses not shooting glasses and the ~3 times plus greater protection they are required to provide over Z87 — look for MIL-PRF-31013 certified glasses.

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