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  1. Self governance is a precious gift of God. If we are waiting for some kind of event to convince ourselves we can indulge in beast like desires, we have to question the depth of our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.
    I have a feeling there is a whole lot of folks waiting to act out their Hollywood desires. If you have done it in your mind or your heart, you have done it. People do what they practice/worship when things get tough and they get scared enough to convince themselves their actions are really righteous and justified in the end.
    Our test of faith is when things get really hard for a long period of time. When out bellies and lives are at stake we find out how much we really Love God and our fellow man. Practice fasting now and learning the seasons that you go through during fasting so you recognize them when you do not have a choice. I recommend do it as a family as well. Jesus fasted 40 days in the wilderness. Start with that goal and it will change your thought processes. I promise it is the best (cheapest) training I have ever done. Water only.

      1. The idea of a rapture before the great tribulation only became a common belief in the 1800’s, and then only in England and America.

        What happens to people’s faith if that idea is wrong? If we find ourselves in the tribulation, and we have not been raptured?

        What the Chinese are doing to their Muslim population is just practice for what they will do to their Christian population. Will we all be raptured first, so a hundred million Chinese Christians won’t be tortured, imprisoned, brainwashed, starved, and murdered?

        If a pre-tribulation rapture is part of your core faith, what happens if you are wrong. What if ninety five percent of the history of Christianity, and ninety five percent of Christians, are right? That we follow Christ to the cross, carrying our own.

        1. I concur. My father’s church, fundamentalist old testament Christian, teaches that the only ones who won’t go through some part of the tribulation are those who are already dead. Those that die early on during the tribulation are also the lucky ones. The rest of us, the ones who live during the tribulation, are the ones who suffer. The rapture only happens at the end. Then the dead shall rise, and those of us who live through the bad times will be judged according to our merits, and it’s only the judgement of God for only He knows our hearts.

          The bible we read is highly edited. Remember, the council of Nicaea Ad 325, or should I say the several councils, held over about the course of over a thousand years, starting about AD 50, where groups of MEN determined what we should or should not be taught. Think, “Oh no, we can’t teach them that!” And think of all the books of the bible that were essentially banned by groups of men. What arrogance!

          So, all that is about to happen, is clouded by the corruption of man’s meddling. We don’t know when, we may or may not know all the signs to watch for. We can only prepare, based on what we have to work with. So effectively, God advised us all to be good little preppers, preparing for what God has in store for all of us.

    1. While practicing fasting is a good idea, make sure you know your family’s medical conditions. A fasting hypoglycemic or diabetic could wind up dead.

    2. So much clarity here. Regarding fasting (such a great discipline) and the rapture. Always bear in mind when reading scripture that your interpretation may be different than what the inspired words originally meant. And, your interpretation is easily directed by your desire for convenience and comfort. Thus, the belief is a blissful rapture delivering from tribulation.

      Train for tribulation. At the very least, you will learn about yourself and your spiritual life will become deep and rich.

      CDarry on

  2. probably the worst scavenging that will be done is the …

    “I’ll just come to your place when it gets bad”

    sigh, can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to address that.

  3. Great article ! I agree completely with the author’s assertion that scavenging is the total opposite of prepping. And pity the fool who barges into my place just because he thinks that I am not at home…to quote the great Mr.T…

  4. A question, Christians are not subject to God’s wrath. The Tribulation is about God’s wrath.
    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 is very clear Christians are removed from this world.

    My faith is in Christ and what He clearly lays out. I do not find anywhere in Scripture to store up your treasures here on Earth but the exact opposite.

    Be prepared yes, but like the rich man building more barns since he had so much stuff, his soul was required that night.

    Proverbs 3 is an excellent Scripture for wisdom in these troubling times.

    1. Christians are regularly punished and rebuked, hence we do come under his wrath.

      Hebrews 12:5

      And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him.

      The 4th chapter of 1st Thessalonians does indeed state that we are removed from this world. It does NOT say that this occurs before the great tribulation.

    2. Skip,
      I am saying this with the most humble respect and gentleness for you.
      Please read your KJV carefully. Wrath and Tribulation are two very separate things. Christians are promised that they WILL have tribulation several times. God’s people (my sheep know my voice) are not subject to our Father’s Wrath. They are distinct in the differences between the two.
      Yet Noah obeyed God and built and stored for what God told him was to come.
      Joseph did the same thing with God using Pharaoh to warn of the future of Egypt and beyond.
      The Isrealites coming out of Egypt were given wares and gold and silver to leave with. How did they have weapons to enter and conquer the promise land of the giants and to kill everything?
      Our preps are not our treasures, they are insurance when there is no AAA or 911 or insurance company to NOT pay out or respond. Rather than owe someone or hope they come through, we live with less (without the lusts of the flesh) in order to provide the tools to work for ourselves and our families and those who are legitimately in need.
      Proverbs has a lot more there than Proverbs 3. All in context.

      Please read your JKV bible and be ye not deceived by any means. Go in Jesus Christ The Word of God, The Bread of Life.
      A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

    3. The Bible is very clear on the importance of preparation, there are many stories and admonishments that explicitly speak to it.

      Now if you trust your preparations rather than God you are unfaithful. But if you fail to prepare, you are tempting God, and being unfaithful.

      And without getting into end times theology, we simply dont know what the end times will look like. There very likely will be extreme hardships that come before the end of the world, and since no one knows when that will be, you’d best prepare. There are scores of historical incidents where people thought the world was ending, when in fact it did not. It’s a poor excuse not to prepare.

  5. ” I have a gun. I’ll take whatever I want ” is a comment heard sadly too many times at local gun shops. It’s always said in a jestering manner, but it does give one pause.

    Given the nastiness displayed in something simple as morning rush-hour traffic it’s easy to imagine things will get very ugly when it all goes bad.

    Looting and scavenging may be the least of our worries.

  6. Given property taxes and mortgages, it belongs to Wall Street or to Government.

    Who is the victim of looting if we are post allodial title?

    In general I will play by the rules my neighbors play by. But today, things are stacked and everyone cheats.

    Remember many are those who would take your kids or your guns.

    Or that your wife can kill your child in the womb legally and you have no rights.

    We are not in heaven, Christ is not here to rule, nor are we in Christendom.

    In the Islamic world there are problems with the rules of engagement and when one of our “friends” has sex slaves whose liberation would deprive them of what they consider their property.

    There is a place for pragmatism and prudence.

  7. I believe scavenging will occur in any long term trouble situation. No one can plan for every eventuality, and sooner or later you will find it necessary to utilize any available resource. The house next door, whose owners were in Guatemala doing missionary work when the balloon went up, will eventually be gone through for any useful items (hardware, clothing, non perishable food, tools). You don’t trash the place, and you must be prepared to reimburse the owners either in kind, in cash, or with help surviving if they are able to return home.
    Those of you who have a group should sit down and develop something of a policy about when a house should be considered abandoned and available for scavenging.
    I once read a pretty good description of the difference between a scavenger and a looter after a natural disaster: If you come out of a half wrecked walmart with bottled water and boxes of crackers, you’re a scavenger. If you come out with three flat screen tvs and a dozen pair of nike knockoffs, you are a looter. You accept the necessity of the first: you shoot the second.

  8. Only in America. We are so arrogant when it comes to having to deal with TEOTWAWKI, we are so quick sometimes to just say”we are going to be raptured before we have to live through that”, especially my own Southern Baptists. Christians around the globe live through “hell on earth” every day and they are not “raptured” away to save them from persecution,torture, and death. God is looking out for his people, He is telling them to prepare and He is showing them the signs everywhere, but I don’t think He is going to do our work for us. He has already given us a back and a brain. And another thing, why should The Lord God fight for us if we will not fight for Him, I was thinking that almost every other religion on earth has followers willing to defend their religion to the death, but not us “Christians”. We let folks right here in our own “Christian Nation” trample all over our Bible and our God and we stand by and let them. And our weapons that we might use to defend our God and our Constitution,well, we just keep sending folks to the District of Criminals who are bent on taking away those weapons(senate bill 7). We have lost our mind. Sorry, I know this didn’t have anything to do with scavenging, just a Sunday morning rant. Time to go to church.

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