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  1. I’m a big fan of 10.5″ barrel ar pistols with the sb brace. I have the sig romeo 5 on all sorts of ar’s. It is awesome. Now is the time to buy!

  2. What a stupid law! Somehow an AR-15 with a barrel shorter than 16 inches is more dangerous than one with a full 16 inches? Why? It seems to me that a person bent on killing innocent people would be more accurate with a 16 inch or longer barrel, thus making longer barrels more EVIL. Our government is a joke!

    1. This underscores the arbitrary and capricious nature of Statutory Jurisdiction. To codify in law that a rifle with a 16.0″ barrel is perfectly legal, but one with a 15.9″ barrel is a felony (without paying a $200 Federal transfer tax) shows you just how far down the Slippery Slope that we’ve tumbled!

  3. My primary concern would be spending $900 plus whatever extras on a firearm that the ATF later decides is the next bump-stock equivalent and then having to deal with that issue.

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