Reviewer’s Copies of New “Patriots” Edition Available This Month! (Seeking Mailing Addresses)

Review copies of the new edition of my novel “Patriots” available sometime in March. If you publish book reviews, or know of someone that has a large readership/audience and that is likely to write a favorable review, please e-mail me their current snail mail addresses.

Be advised that there will probably be only about 120 review copies available, so I will have to be very selective about who they go to. My publicist will of course be sending copies to the New York Times Book Review and the other major reviewers. But the list that I am developing is for conservative niche publications, bloggers, and broadcasters. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t get a copy. The priority will be dispassionately based on the greatest potential media exposure. My list of the highest priority reviewers for publicity at first glance are:

(Note: I already have addresses for any listings marked in bold. I need snail mail addresses for the rest. Thanks!

Jerry Ahern Sean Hannity Bill O’Reilly Charles Hugh Smith
Dale Amon Danny Hansen (SWAT Mag.) Michael Panzner Joe Soyer (Alphecca)
Massad Ayoob Hugh Hewitt Dr. Ignatius Piazza Ryan
Michael Bane Joe Huffman Jerry Pournelle S.M. Stirling
Glenn Beck Dean Ing John Pugsley John Stossel

Barton Biggs

Laura Ingraham Steve Quayle Les Stroud
Jim Bohannon Jeff Jarvis Michael Reagan Gabe Suarez
Bill Bonner David Kopel Dr. Arthur B. Robinson Mark Steyn
Neal Boortz Larry Kudlow John Ross Andrew Sullivan
Dr. Bruce Clayton Rush Limbaugh Kenneth Royce George Ure
Ann Coulter G. Gordon Liddy Glenn Reynolds Oleg Volk
Clayton Cramer James Lileks Howard J. Ruff Eugene Volokh
James Dakin Christian Lowe (DefenseTech) Richard Russell (Dow Theory Ltr.) Michael Z. Williamson
Dave (of Captain Dave’s) Michelle Malkin Matt Savinar Claire Wolfe
David at Random Nuclear Strikes Chris Matthews Kurt Saxon Xavier (of Xavier’s Thoughts)
Vox Day Richard Maybury Peter Schiff
Lou Dobbs Don McAlvany Tim Schmidt (USCCA) Commander Zero
Larry Elder Declan McCullagh Walter Shapiro Tamara _ _ _ _ (of the BBB Blog)
Joseph Farah Michael Medved Mish Shedlock  
Frugal Squirrel’s Melanie Morgan Laurence Simon  
Seth Godin Dr. Gary North Joel Skousen  
Jeff Goldstein Ted Nugent Mark Skousen  

Have I overlooked anyone that is likely to provide significant publicity for the new book? If so, please let me know their e-mail and snail mail addresses, via e-mail. Many thanks!

The publicist from Ulysses Press will mail out the complimentary review copies as soon as they are available.

Be advised that the “Patriots” cover illustrations here are available under license for publication or posting with book reviews, Wiki pages, or in book catalogs,

The tentative release date is April 8, 2009, which will also be our Book Bomb Day. Many thanks for your help on making the new edition. God willing, it will wake up some sheeple, and encourage some substantive preparedness!