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  1. Well you will probably be a resupply point for the cartels when they come calling…Unless you have the geography to hold out against 10 to 1 on with your ten people…Good Luck to you…

  2. It is good to hear there are people like you here in Southern Commiefornia. Some times it feels pretty lonely down here.
    Sure, there are lots of guys on the construction sites that talk of the coming trouble but most just talk guns and ammo. Reading between the lines I’m not sure they do anything other than square range shooting and have no idea of how to really Shoot, Move, Communicate. Also they seem to give no thought to what they will eat, where will they get water (So Cal IS a desert), how their medical needs will be addressed, and what happens after the first 60 days….
    Hard to find serious allies when most think ‘the next Civil War’ will be like the movies…
    To Lineman: yes, the Cartels will be a problem which will need to be planned for like every other problem. No place will be without it’s own particular set of issues and no place will be without it’s Bad Actors.
    Good Luck to everyone who serves The King of Kings.

    1. CW I look at it this way SHTF is going to suck big time so why would I want to compound my problems by living in an area that has known threats now when things are stable and will be 10 times worse when it all falls apart…Like I would never have a retreat that gets hit by hurricanes on a regular basis or floods, volcanoes, tornadoes…I just like better odds that’s all I’m saying…

  3. I get it Brother. I’d really like to relocate to ID/MT but am kind of ‘stuck’ here in Commiefornia due to family (parents, kids, grandkids, brothers…). The choice a lot of us are stuck with is: a wise relocation vs stay where family and roots are (my grandkids are 7th Generation born/raised in CA). Therefore, I am forced to plan on facing large armies of cartel gunmen, though odds would be better to not be home when trouble inevitably comes a-calling.

    1. Then get with someone who has something out of state so at least you have somewhere to go when they come calling… Trying to get something set up for guys like you but it’s a slow go when I’m trying to raise a family also… Would that even be something of interest to you or anyone else…

    2. Also Brother if you want to move then be a man and move, the rest will follow you I guarantee it… Maybe not right then but in a couple years when they see how happy you are and they come and visit you and see how good it is then they will move also…I know this because it’s what happened with me… Family, friends, and even neighbors have followed me or are in the process of it…They will Thank you a million times over for getting them out of the cess pit…Now when they see another fee, regulation, or tax they say thank goodness we got out when we did… Something to think about Brother…Men need to be Men of God once again and take their rightful place at the head of their families and do what’s best for their families…

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