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Recipe of the Week: Gomma’s Mushroom Chicken in Sherry

This was an old a Rawles family favorite.

Notes and Serving Suggestions

I usually serve this over a bed of steamed rice. Typically, we also serve it with a steamed vegetable side dish.

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#1 Comment By Anon On April 15, 2019 @ 3:01 pm

IMHO sherry adds nothing good to food. If you don’t know it’s there you think “uh oh these leftovers have gone bad”. It’s just a strange non-food taste. I have similar issues with Indian food. I try to like it but either the garlic or the cardamom or some other spice tastes like they spilled the whole bottle in it by mistake. For me the trick to making a good meal is subtly. I do believe that bourbon can add flavor to barbecue. Of course taste is so individual. Anyway I would try this recipe and leave out the sherry.

#2 Comment By Ma G On April 16, 2019 @ 12:44 pm

With or without the sherry I think it sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. Family recipes are the best!