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  1. A response to the Forward Observer’s excellent video:


    TUNNEL RABBIT said to Forward Observer:

    Outstanding. Simply the cold and keen logic and analysis, the method and mode of thought, is worth this exercise and listen. I’ve heard that ‘intelligence supports decision making’. The point that is made, the most important IHMO, is that, in my words that put your words in a nutshell, is that ‘intelligence Drives decision making. Actionable intelligence gathering is essential to a defense. Did I get that right?

  2. Re: Monty’s Mayhem, A Bridge Too Far:

    Failure is the best teacher. Here is the only one day old, and fresh analysis that probes the highlights, and historical inaccuracies of the classic film, A Bridge Too Far.

    The biggest take away is the failure to plan adequately. A lesson for small and large scale planning efforts, this failure understood, makes the point that can sharpen one’s pencil. The glaring disregard for intelligence and lack of it, the lack of communications and so, contribute. The military uses ‘after action reports’ to determine what went right and what went wrong during an exercise, or action. As preppers, this would also be good SOP (standard operating procedure) that can be useful even in an informal way. The movie is essentially a great big After Action Report, Hollywood style.


  3. Sept. 16, 2019, Video, Bracken, Matt; Full Spectrum Warfare using D R O N E S ! (The evolving threat to anything and all, including you.)

    This is a must see. Drones are now everywhere, and have become child’s play that can easily weaponized. Big drones, little drones, cheap quad choppers to 1/3 scale RC jet aircraft, you name it, as the market grows, the cost is reduced, and technology becomes ubiquitous. This is already a serious security threat, even as only surveillance tool, that can fly beyond the range of the heaviest 10 ga shotgun load.
    It can be guided locally, or guided with GPS, both radio guidance systems. If guided by GPS, it would be hard to see it coming with a spectrum analyzer, so the opportunity to jam it is nearly nil unless visually spotted. It would however be possible to jam a local signal from a on ground operator that is the most likely threat, but not GPS, unless a low power and dirty RF is constantly being emitted by a local transmitter. And that would be an RF beacon to those using GPS as guidance. This is new information for myself as well. It pays to pay attention to new developments.

    Bracken’s fine analysis of anything, is always instructive. His’ bee in the knight’s helmet, stinging his eyes’, is a excellent analogue.


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