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  1. From Matt Bracken’s Gab page

    Posted by NC Scout | Aug 11, 2020
    [Valuable comments follow excellent content


    (Agree, the comments are quite educational as they contain reports from the ‘Sandbox’ from combat soldiers. Reports from the battlefield of the ineffectiveness of 5.56, particularly of green tip M855 are note worthy. Due to the cost and availability of ammo, one combat experienced soldier reports that their primary day time battle rifle is now an AKM, and their AR is now for night work. This is what I did last year, but my scope is good for day and night. Also note that several other U.S. combat solders find the AK to be useful within it’s limitations. It also pays to be a reloader at this time. Yesterday I was still able to source small rifle primers, and will be able to make another batch of very accurate, or MOA 5.56 for the price of components, or .20 cents/round. The price of high quality and very accurate ammo is now around .75 cents/round. It does not require expensive reloading equipment and a spacious reloading room, or to be a rocket scientist to reload. I do mine using dirt cheap equipment and in very little space. It does however, require time to learn and do.

    Logistics is key. Having an alternative method of sourcing precious ammo is a good thing. I could also make a case of .308 Winchester using .30-06 brass if the price was right, and it likely will be so in the future. This drought will continue for years to come. Lead will be good as gold, and you can shoot it. I know people who will cling to their gold rather than buy enough ammo.)

    1. Tunnel Ranbit… I highly value your comments… would be interested in reading your thoughts regarding Federal .223 / 55 gr FMJ… Patriot Defense in same caliber… also 30-30 used in lever action… TY

      1. Hi RCB5472TN,

        Federal makes good ammunition. Buy it if you can. Their premium match grade is usually a very accurate in most rifles, but we may not need precision ammo and the high price. I know nothing about Patriot Defense. If the Federal is affordable, that is what I’d choose for myself.

        .30-30, or any of the cowboy era cartridges in a lever gun is excellent self defense package. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Sheriff’s departments used this rifle. It is also politically neutral, a hunting rifle that in court could not be used to easily convict someone, verses if they had used a nasty and evil looking military styled weapon.
        However, if I could, I would rather use something with a standard capacity magazine, and be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        1. Tunnel Rabbit…Ty for your response…IMHO the Federal at my local gun store is affordable… $399.00 plus tax for bulk 1000 rounds…will look at expanding my 30-30 supply as well… do you believe AK acquisition at this stage of game is worth pursuing

          1. At $399.oo/case buy all you can. If you can not buy all you need now, it will be even more difficult to acquire in the near future. A lifetime supply would be at least 6,000 to 10,000 rounds per rifle, then consider adding an AK to the arsenal. This will allow to buy a lifetime supply of the less expensive and currently available 7.62×39 in the full quantity needed right away. Prices are creeping up slowly, but it is still around $280/case. If you can buy 7 cases, then the savings over 5.56 ammo at only $399 means you can get a Palmetto State Armory AKM rifle with the difference. In other words, you could get 7 cases of 7.62×39 ammo and a rifle for the same price as if you only purchased 7 cases of 5.56 at $399 per case. I would also purchase soft point ammo in 7.62×39. This almost as good a man-stopper as .30-30 soft point hunting ammunition. This argument is made in this article and in the comments section here: https://survivalblog.com/inexpensive-expanding-7-62×39-ammunition-tunnel-rabbit/

            It is a good idea to be diversified as well, but one must also learn the manual arms for two rifles, and the rifle does not share magazines and ammunition, but the AK is easy to learn and if you do not know how to maintain an AR-15, I would prefer you used the AK, or learned how to maintain the AR. The AR is only reliable if it is maintained properly. The AK will much more likely continue to function without maintenance. And the AK, using soft point ammunition is a far superior man stopper. 5 to 7 rounds of 5.56 FMJ is often need to stop an attacker that is on drugs, whereas I would expect one round of 7.62×39 soft points would be needed. In any case, with either round, keep shooting until they stop moving.

          2. Tunnel Rabbit… TY for sharing your insights… by purchasing another bulk box of .223 that would bring my total for .223 / 5.56 to minimum number you previously stated … AR will accommodate either…I am learning to more properly maintain the AR…my initial looking into AK through PSA resulted in “out of stock” for various versions of AK… will simply continue searching…again , TY for your time and advice…I always look for your writings and your feedback / contributions in comment section… may God watch over you and bless you

  2. Hee Haw, from what I understand, was the longest running program on TV ever. It’s still run on RFD TV – (Dish ch 231- Saturdays I believe). It was so bad and corny it was good. Along with Roy Clark that could play anything with strings.

  3. I remember watching Hee-Haw at my grandparents little house on (The Nashville Network?… TNN?). There was also Fandango and Nashville Now (with Ralph Emery?).
    I don’t know if it was the same network (too young), but Dukes Of Hazzard was on too.
    Good times!

  4. Because this thread has morphed into tv I would say Hee-Haw was good but the best countryish show was the RVer classic “Wish You Were Here” with Kenny Price and Donna. I “shore do” miss Kenny.

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