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  1. JWR,
    Amazon just sent me a notice regarding your new book being released October 20.
    Do you have a link here that We could use to pre-order so you get the credit or would you prefer we wait till release date like I believe you have posted on other releases?

    Thank you
    Have a Rockin great day!

  2. We’ve posted MED CRAM links here several times. In light of all our desire to survive while still exercising freedom, the latest update Coronavirus #59 does an excellent briefing by Dr Seheult on practices to improve immunity and fight viral disease.

    In case you are new here, Dr Seheult is a pulmonologist who works with all the cases involving people dying of the disease at a CA hospital, and is a teaching Dr. The MedCram web site offers free teaching seminars of many medical topics for professionals.

    I followed most of these when fighting whatever virus I had last month, whatever it was. Highly recommend you watch this. He covers everything he personally does in terms of supplements, sleep, sanitation, PPE and personal decon, and tells you which other videos deal with the specifics of what he covers here.

    Things you may want to search for are Vit C & D, Quercetin, NAC.

    He describes his personal decon kit for vehicle and what he does. I got two good new tips myself from this.


    He has set up a MED CRAM Covid 19 Facebook page, for those inclined to watch it, with discussion links. As usual, I log into it with my gray man profile account.

    God Bless

    1. Wheatley Fisher,

      Thank you, this was very interesting. Especially the part about sanitizing the steering wheel of the car. I have been doing that along with the gearshift and knobs, Etc. as part of my car routine!

      Rock on

  3. I somehow missed this earlier, I never realized that Eddie Albert was at the Battle of Tarawa. Wow. I’ve read a lot of military history books in my day but Line of Departure by Martin Russ was the only one that ever left me in tears. I never felt so sorry for a bunch of guys in my life. It was a pretty gut-wrenching read. It’s been 30+ years but I can feel my chest tightening just thinking about it.


  4. FYI, there is increasingly talk by popular internet opinion makers that COVID-19 is simply a hoax. I’ve listen to their opinion or argument, and it is clear to myself that these persons, although intelligent and have made many accurate calls about politics or the economy, do not have a basic understanding of what they are talking about. It is increasingly being characterized as a “bad flu”. This is a grave error in judgement. However, over time, odds are it will become less virulent, and those who are at most risk and who can remain self isolated, or greatly reduce the risk of exposure, can hope that the virus will continue to mutate into a less deadlier form, as it likely is. However, once the quarantine is lifted, as needs to be, there will be another and more severe wave by summer’s end, and continued waves over the next few years.

    The quarantine bought us precious time for the country to adjust to this long term situation, but we can not sustain other than a short quarantine, as any long term quarantine will do more damage to the economy and our liberties than the virus would. The virus is being used by the commie-left to destroy the country for their political gain. They hype up the threat to extreme nonsensical level that is dangerous to our liberties, and call for Draconian measures, so that this opportunity and crisis is not wasted and the country is utterly destroyed. So the Globalist controlled media hypes up the danger to instill irrational fear that allows them to force vaccinate and install their Mark of Beast, yet it is not a hoax. This is a very nasty and deadly virus that is not yet understood, but as we are at war with it, and the evil the produced it, we must accept casualties.

      1. In American English the characterization, a “bad flu”, would be consider by many as a gross and inaccurate understatement. Death rates for common flu bugs are about 0.10 percent, whereas the death rate for the Spanish flu was about 2.0 to 3.0 percent. Sadly, most people have difficulty appreciating the power and dangers of compounding interest, and exponential growth rates of bacteria and viruses. The real danger of this virus that should not be compared to the flu in any way, is that once hospitals are overwhelmed, the death rate greatly increases by several orders of magnitude. Italy is perhaps the best documented example.

    1. TR, While it is true the Ft.Detrick bioweapon is only as bad as normal in the west(it was designed to attack asians) the new revelation that Aids genes were also used when it was created leads me to believe it may have unrevealed long term effects. You may want to inform yourself on the Swedish experience(no lockdowns-similar infection rates/outcomes) and LA new reporting of possible 100x infection rates and 25x-60x less fatalies per capita than previous estimates.

      1. This is a complicated virus, because it was engineered using MERS, SARS, and HIV-1 genetics, however it is inherent nature would be to mutate into a less virulent form. And there can be many mutations that effect population with varying levels of severity at the same point in time. As you and I suspect, and as autopsies are finding, it attacks other organs other than the lungs, quietly doing damage. They have found that the heart, kidneys, liver and testicles are also being damaged.

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