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  1. Patriots are obsessively focused on the exercising our 2nd Amendment rights when we should be exercising our 10th Amendment right. Bill Buppert said it best, ‘The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.’

  2. Congressman Jim Jordan may be the only one presently in Congress to hold his seat, the rest, not so much, and most, not at all. Have a listen, it’s not long.


    Secession may be the only thing that can bring the feds back in line with the powers they are limited to. Individual states can work/trade with each other. The hard part I see is them becoming much like the EU. The original idea was a good one but we know and have seen in our lifetimes how fast it has deteriorated. The way I see it is in order to secede, a state and it’s people will have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for themselves without applying to the feds and the rest of the country for handouts when things get a little stressful. At present each state is too dependent upon the rest for their wellbeing… Just my view! Our Declaration Bill of Rights, and Constitution work, but only if we are wise enough to know and understand how and why it works….. It was written for and by a moral and educated people…..

  3. I stopped using the phrase “The United States” a long time ago. “The” United States refers to an area approximately 10 miles square, plus a few territories. “These” United States refers to the individual 50 states. It was always “these”, even after the dictator Lincoln got through with his tyranny. It was “these” well into the 20th century. I think it actually changed during the time of the globalist-racist Woodrow Wilson and his version of the Alien and Sedition act.

    Use “these” always in conversation. Make a practice of it. This simple innocent act of rebellion might just catch on. If asked why you use “these” explain that it is actually the use of proper English. After all, we are 50 states, there is no singular State of America.

    1. Properly it is “these united States”.

      As you correctly said the “United States” is the corporate monstrosity that occupies the ten square miles of D.C.

      The corporate United States only has jurisdiction and authority in the ten square miles of D.C., in some “federal” territories, and in “federal” enclaves (military bases and etcetera) in the several States united. Otherwise the several States united are sovereign over their own affairs.

      These “united States” refers to the several States united under the Constitution.

      This is revolutionary stuff. America will only regain its liberty when this is understood.

      And acted upon.

    2. Charles K, sadly the War of Northern Aggression and Reconstruction(destruction) didn’t end with the Traitor lincoln but continues to present day with a country that is in actuality a corporation(lincoln was a corporate lawyer and converted us to a corporation) controlled by a corporation(Federal Reserve) with ignorant masses calling for “free everything” and “reparations” for historical events or perceived slights. Otherwise I agree that the use of accurate words and phrases is a positive step.

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