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  1. Our lack of action and morals caused the first 9/11. The same will cause our ultimate defeat. We will pay in blood for our lack of spine, just as we did then.

  2. It’s not for me to judge the people that abandoned our fellow citizens in Benghazi but I would love to be the one to arrange the meeting between them and the one that is.

  3. No one asks how 2 planes took down 3 buildings,jet fuel melted steel,no video or photos of a jet hitting the most survielled place on earth,a 35ft tube of aluminum made a 10ft hole in multiple layers of 10ft thick reinforced concrete designed to withstand 10,000lb bombs,two giant engines vanished but a much smaller(cruise missile)engine was recovered,a plane disintegrated and bullet riddled debris left a 11mile trail but the plane was not shot down,at least a dozen foreign governments/intelligence agencies warned of this but were ignored,all evidence at multiple crime scenes was immediately destroyed,all the gold vanished except 1 dump truck found 20 miles away.all the strucural steel was cut to transport length on diagonal cuts,thermite residue is found on any beams you can find,how many cases were ended when multiple Federal/State/Local offices and the evidence they held were destroyed. The list can go on but ask:Who,What,When,Why and How?

  4. Benghazi; Why were two Ambassadors having a secret midnite meeting in a rebel held area of a country we had overthrown? Could it to be to plan the theft and illegal transfer of arms to a terrorist group to try to overthrow another goverment on Turkeys border. Why has no one ever asked Hillary these questions under oath? The answer would mean life in prison or even a death sentence in many countries(most with extradition treaties).

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