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  1. Heard that there were some devastating tornadoes last night/this morning in and around Nashville and areas around there resulting in at least 17 deaths and significant destruction
    I know there are some readers here from Tennessee.
    If I recall correctly (maybe not), Animal House, are you in Tennessee?
    If You and others from there are able to read this, please know that me and my family are thinking of you and praying for your safety.

    1. RKRGRL68….I am in the Nashville,TN area…work in Nashville and live about 8 miles out… schools closed today … not know about remainder of week… areas of the city hard hit… TY for thinking of our area and may prayers be lifted for all who have been impacted…Robert

  2. So much to pray for. I find myself praying more all the time. A good thing but I wish there were fewer sad things to pray about.

    Still plenty of joyful things to pray about though even amidst the troubles.

  3. Oh, Nashville people. Please know I pray for your well-being. I pray while waiting for the doctor to see me. While on the bus. Whenever, I calm myself and focus.

    Carry on

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