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  1. In what way would abolishing the Senate benefit us? That would put most of the power into the hands of Representatives, most of whom are from left-leaning big cities.

  2. I’m of the belief that we need to return the Senate, as well as the House and other branches of gov. to it’s proper role as outlined in our Constitution. Only then can it operate under it’s intended premise. Not only return it to it’s intended course but ensure it cannot stray as it has done through apathy throughout the past 125 years…… But methinks that will take more education than is available throughout or present indoctrination centers…

  3. Amen and Amen!

    Repeal the 17th amendment. If the Senate actually represented the State governments as they are supposed to, Obamacare would rightly never have seen the light of day.

    As for having just the House of Representatives, only if we go back to the original representation as noted in the Constitution. No more than one for every 30 thousand, no less than one per state. Though I don’t see where that would change the results very much. Better still, change the Constitution to read no more than one fore every 200 thousand (maybe every 300 thousand) but no less than one per county. This would increase the size of the house tenfold, but throw representation in the favor of red state (or red county) America. Then repeal the 17th Amendment and put the State governments in control of the senate instead of having the political parties in control.

    As an aside, I don’t see where the House was granted the authority by the States to limit representation to 435 people. In my case, I have ZERO representation in Washington.

  4. Abolish the senate, you should listen to yourself say that.
    All the legislative branch needs are term limits, it applies to the executive branch.
    Increasing the amount of people to represent is even more absurd.
    A rep. for every 200,000 or 300,000 seriously?

  5. Sir,

    Our Constitution says no more than ONE for every 30,000. That would be a house of representative with 11,000 members. But one for every 200 or 300 thousand but no less than one per county would give better representation to the actual will of the people. It would also bring back much needed (little “r”) republicanism. The key is no less than one per county. There are a little less than 3200 counties in the US. The number might change for large counties, higher or lower, but the idea is to give more equal representation, representation that we do not currently have.

    So, adamantly, Yes seriously!

    1. Do you really want 3,200 or 11,000 in the House of Representatives?
      I understand that would give you equal representation, on paper.
      Do you think it would be more effective than the current 435 House members?

  6. Actually repeal the 19th Amendment. Ann Coulter was correct, when you give women the right to vote they vote Democrat. it was always construed as a family vote that the man of the house would cast. It was never about genders where now a woman can vote opposite her husband and on purpose.

  7. Regardless the number of representatives or how senators get there, remember one thing: They are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They work for us.

    Now, we have been slack and allowed many various special interests to use money and cronyism to sway our public servants. Sigh, so it is.

    I have had an experience where a U.S. Senator rewrote a bill after a conversation I had with one of his aides. He sent me a personal letter of thanks. I have that letter around here, somewhere…

    Carry on

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