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  1. Mr. Rawles, I for one wanted to tell you thanks for all your writings and Patriots in particular. Because of you I have a deep larder and have fewer worries. We may be drinking up our Granny’s little house but over that we have little control. It sounds strange to say you have changed my life, but you have and it has rubbed off on our children. Because of you we are ants and not grasshoppers. Thank You again.

  2. Just picked up an Everflo Oxygen Concentrator, brand new, at Cascade Healthcare Solutions in Renton WA. They have a few more on hand to either ship or be picked up. Don’t order on the website. Pick up the phone and call Roger 877-480-3028. I get nothing from this. I want to support a small business and let SB readers with a budget to buy one know how to get one. Choose safe. Be ready.

  3. My husband’s surgery is back on. The surgeon called this morning. He got approval to do my husband colon cancer surgery tomorrow. I was all set to exhaust myself in the garden today as there is no rain today but my plans have changed 😉 Thank you all for your prayers it appears as though God’s will is for my husband’s surgery to happen sooner rather than later.

    1. I gasped and my hand went over my heart at the same time when I just read your post. I am smiling and so pleased. This past week the Lord has brought you and your husband to my thoughts first thing upon awakening. Literally, prayers for you (and the czar) were prayed before my eyes were even opened for the day. God did that, so I was so surprised when the czar said it was cancelled. I did not understand the Lord’s ways, but knew He knows best, and I should trust Him. I knew He took my prayers and the Holy Spirit made them right. I’m so excited for what the Lord is going to do for you both. This is good. God has got you.

    2. I send blessings and light, CD. Oh, and gratitude for this powerful means to learn of your situation and send you prayer.

      Carry on in blessing

  4. “California Governor Newsom put the California National Guard on alert for duties that include humanitarian missions like ensuring proper food distribution and public safety as some grocery stores resorted to rationing to control panic buying.”

    In other words, the CA National Guard is standing by to suppress riots.

  5. CD… your news brought me to tears as i read your unexpected post. God is good and is in control! It is strange to say i needed to be reminded and this did, in no uncertain terms.

    Bless you as you are resting tonight in preparation of this appointment with the surgeon overseen by the Almighty.

    All night, all day…angels watching over you my Lord…

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