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Preparedness Notes for Thursday — February 27, 2020

On February 27, 2012, Wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million e-mails stolen from private intelligence company Stratfor [1].

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

Today we present another entry for Round 87 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest [2]. The more than $10,000 worth of prizes for this round include:

First Prize:

  1. A gift certificate from Quantum Harvest LLC (up to a $2,200 value) good for 12% off the purchase of any of their sun-tracking models [3], and 10% off the purchase price of any of their other models.
  2. A Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate. This can be used for any one, two, or three day course [4] (a $1,095 value),
  3. A course certificate from onPoint Tactical for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses [5], excluding those restricted for military or government teams. Three day onPoint courses normally cost $795,
  4. DRD Tactical is providing a 5.56 NATO QD Billet upper [6]. These have hammer forged, chrome-lined barrels and a hard case, to go with your own AR lower. It will allow any standard AR-type rifle to have a quick change barrel. This can be assembled in less than one minute without the use of any tools. It also provides a compact carry capability in a hard case or in 3-day pack (an $1,100 value),
  5. Two cases of Mountain House freeze-dried assorted entrees [7] in #10 cans, courtesy of Ready Made Resources (a $350 value),
  6. A $250 gift certificate good for any product [8] from Sunflower Ammo,
  7. American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) is providing a $300 certificate good towards any of their DVD training courses [9].

Second Prize:

  1. A Front Sight Lifetime Diamond Membership [10], providing lifetime free training at any Front Sight Nevada course, with no limit on repeating classes. This prize is courtesy of a SurvivalBlog reader who prefers to be anonymous.
  2. A Glock form factor SIRT laser training pistol and a SIRT AR-15/M4 [11] Laser Training Bolt, courtesy of Next Level Training, which have a combined retail value of $589,
  3. A $300 purchase credit for any of the products [12] from EMPShield.com
  4. A Three-Day Deluxe Emergency Kit [13] from Emergency Essentials (a $190 value),
  5. Two 1,000-foot spools of full mil-spec U.S.-made 750 paracord [14] (in-stock colors only) from www.TOUGHGRID.com (a $240 value).
  6. An assortment of products along with a one hour consultation [15] on health and wellness from Pruitt’s Tree Resin (a $265 value).

Third Prize:

  1. Good2GoCo.com is providing a $400 purchase credit at regular prices [16] for the prize winner’s choice of either Wise Foods or Augason long term storage foods, in stackable buckets.
  2. Three sets each [17] of made-in-USA regular and wide-mouth reusable canning lids. (This is a total of 300 lids and 600 gaskets.) This prize is courtesy of Harvest Guard (a $270 value)
  3. A Royal Berkey water filter, courtesy of [18] Directive 21 (a $275 value),
  4. Naturally Cozy is donating a “Prepper Pack” Menstrual Kit.  This kit contains 18 pads and it comes vacuum sealed for long term storage or slips easily into a bugout bag.  The value of this kit is $220.
  5. Two Super Survival Pack seed collections [19], a $150 value, courtesy of Seed for Security, LLC,
  6. A transferable $100 purchase credit from Elk Creek Company [20], toward the purchase of any pre-1899 antique gun. There is no paperwork required for delivery of pre-1899 guns into most states, making them the last bastion of firearms purchasing privacy!

Round 87 ends on March 31st, so get busy writing and e-mail [21] us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.

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1 Comment To "Preparedness Notes for Thursday — February 27, 2020"

#1 Comment By GGHD On February 28, 2020 @ 5:13 am

This comment is for honest people. NO ONE here at Survivalblog is a traitor to the democratic principles of the USA!

About: ~On February 27, 2012, Wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million e-mails stolen from private intelligence company Stratfor.~

A number of ordinary people want to keep ~private family matters very ~private. When talking to family members around the USA, the email servers and telephones might NOT be a safe place to discuss things.

Survivalblog has excellent information about using Ham Radios, especially during emergencies.
The villainous people already know the government can >spy on people. Plus, private organizations will release ‘private’ information, that can be embarrassing to people. It might be a large ‘information’ dump, or it could be information selected for a >laugh. Many private organizations generate views, advertising revenue, by selecting information that is embarrassing to ordinary people.

We’ve all seen ‘public mug pictures’ of people arrested. The pictures are chosen for a laugh sometimes, at someone else’s expense. The private organizations laugh all the way to the bank.
Here is an example of a very smart person using Ham Radio to maybe ‘hide’ her nefarious plans:
“Did Fusion GPS’s Anti-Trump Researcher Avoid Surveillance With A Ham Radio?
It seems Nellie Ohr was well aware the National Security Agency can intercept and store every communication on the Internet. Did that affect her decision to become a ham radio operator?”
[See TheFederalist 3/2/2018 for the complete article.

People reading Survivalblog may wish to buy a Ham Radio setup for Emergency Communications, and to talk about private family matters with their relatives.
The people at SurvivalBlog are >honest people, and support the democratic process set out in the US Constitution.