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  1. Thanks to all of you that are praying for my husband.

    He received a phone call from the surgeon yesterday (Saturday). He said all the area hospitals would be making an announcement soon regarding their preparations for treating corona-virus patients. He said all hospital beds, ICU and respirators were going to be reserved for these patients. All non-emergency surgeries were going to be cancelled. He said my husband’s surgery was borderline essential but not an emergency. He said he was calling all his surgery patients to explain the situation and also to see if they wanted to continue with their surgery or cancel. He also said my husband was in a higher risk group for complications with the corona-virus should he contract it as he is 65 yrs old but has no other comorbidities.

    My husband said he would like to proceed with the surgery as he felt the virus hasn’t expanded here yet and there isn’t many cases at this time whereas waiting could put his treatment in greater jeopardy and later the virus could be a higher risk.

    The doctor said he would keep him on the schedule for Tuesday but the “Czar” may cancel it and if so he wouldn’t be able to do the surgery.

    So we are still on for Tuesday. We feel waiting for this to peak and wane would move the surgery to this Summer or later. Right now the cancer hasn’t spread to other places (as far as they can tell) but waiting could change that. We are trusting that God has everything in His control so if the surgery is cancelled that will be OK but we are going ahead with treatment and recovery so we can stay at home away from this pandemic.

    1. God has people you don’t even know, and likely will never meet, lifting you both up in prayer during this trial of a lifetime you must traverse. At 3:30-ish this morning, I was woken up and could not sleep. Then the thought hit me, “Oh, maybe I’m supposed to pray?” Prayed for you both specifically and surgery on Tuesday/healing; others on blog with mentioned needs, my loved ones, Israel and all the Lord’s children. Then, I fell back to sleep… So, you see, you literally have around the clock prayers. You are precious to your Father. I feel blessed and humbled to be part of your support group.
      Please keep updates coming. Blessings.

      1. Krissy,
        Your comments and prayers, as well as the comments and prayers of others on this site, has me and my husband humbled and grateful. One day we will all meet and share in fellowship before the throne of God as brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to thank you and everyone else for praying for us. Romans 8

    2. CD, may you remain open to the loving Holy Spirit.

      Your husband’s surgeon seems to be an instrument of divine love. Reaching out, offering options. What a fine doctor.

      Carry on

  2. I’m praying that the President gets on the TV and calls all Americans to ask themselves how they can help their neighbor. The government will handle the big stuff like getting more test kits. But the small stuff like sharing daycare and running errands for our senior citizens falls on us. Let’s show this virus we have not forgotten how to pull together as Americans.

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