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  1. Nano silver, less than 10nm, kills viruses. Sub-nano silver kills virues even better.


    “As you’ve seen throughout this report, silver is without a doubt one of the single-greatest natural antiviral agents on the face of the earth. And its broad-spectrum antibacterial qualities are indisputable.

    However, the size of the silver particles is one of the most important factors in the ability of silver to disable, or even decimate, such a broad spectrum of viruses.

    Indeed, most of these studies have demonstrated one simple fact: the smaller the silver particles are, the better they work, with silver particles of 10 nanometers (nm) or less in size being the most effective against viruses.”

  2. China is nearly 30% of global GDP. The percentage of global GDP including Japan Indonesia, India, and China combined, is about 52%. China’s debt to GDP is about 300%, and Japan, 235%. China is currently having great difficulty restarting it’s economy, even as it attempts to use either, force, or special incentives.

    Coronavirus poses more than just a global health threat; it could also result in global economic collapse
    Friday, February 21, 2020 by: Tracey Watson


    Coronavirus outbreak explodes in South Korea, spreads across Asia, Middle


    Mike Adams video:
    How Globalists Justify Releasing the Coronavirus Bioweapon


    February 20, 2020
    Wuhan coronavirus threatens to DESTROY commerce throughout China as just 34% of businesses have enough cash flow to stay open for longer than a month


    Mike Adams interview on Alex Jones begins at 1 hour, 7 minutes.


  3. If you go to any American college campus today you’ll see signs banning tobacco and it’s family of products. Even corporate sites right when you pull into their parking lots such as hospitals.

    I asked why and was told by some of the students “because it’s racist as the founding fathers held slaves and their main crop was tobacco. “

    Then I’ve noticed all the signs sitting the campus yards for “medical marijuana here” bit.

    Liberals must want to totally and brutally murder our founding fathers history so they can replace them with their liberal founding fathers like HBOs Bill Mayer who pushed this whole legalize marijuana thing for the past two decades. They’ve replaced crop for crop too.

    How can we stop the indoctrination of university students barring the use of firearms and total removal of our conservative students?

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