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  1. Ham Radio Activity for Memory of Martin Luther and the Reformation

    On the occasion of 500th anniversary of Reformation and for memory of Martin Luther special amateur radio activity between October 1st and October 31st, 2017 is organized by the Hungarian Radioamateur Society (MRASZ) and the Debrecen based Radio and Leisure Club.

    Special event stations with prefixes HA500 and HG500 are active during this period. Based on contacts with these stations online certificate can be downloaded.

    Add’l comment: I was pleased to contact H500I on 40 M on 10/17.

  2. You all may want to investigate what is happening 31 October, 2017 in Sacre Coeur, Paris, regarding the Catholic church and the Lutherans–the Lutherans are going to sign an agreement. “From Conflict to Communion”, basically admitting Luther was wrong. So, what we have is two churches coming together so that the main “church” is Catholicism. And we are alive to see this happen. Scary. But Jesus said this would happen.


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