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  1. Great Interview, I enjoyed it & it reiterated the things that I Have been working to get such as nebulizers, oxygen concentrator, extra supplies for those, shoe covers, disposable gowns, disposable hair covers and supplies to sanitize/decontaminate areas of concern such as entry/exit and precautionary measures to adhere to with handling mail/deliveries
    Yesterday I also made up a container for community supplies that includes, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, disposable hair covers, eye protection, some masks, disposable gowns and sprayable alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. This will be my contribution to my small town should we get the virus here. It’s portable and labeled on the outside with lists of items inside.

    1. [From the link above, and the items noted by RKRGRL68] = In this interview, Jim and I get into the nitty-gritty of the “how to’s”, including:

      Masks/Gloves/Eye Protection/other PPE: What kind to get? How often can you use them? Tips for disinfecting? What options are there when supplies run out?

      Surfaces: What cleaners/sanitizers are best? How to disinfect? How to deal with package deliveries?

      Disinfection: How to re-enter your home without contaminating it?

      Food & Water: What supplies to have in case of quarantine/store closures/prolonged utilities outages?

      Home Care: Which supplies — like nebulizers and oxygen concentrators — will be useful in helping sick family members cope?

      Community support: How to help prepare your neighbors in advance of an outage in your area? How to support each other during a community quarantine?

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