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  1. @ Jim and readers

    I will post here some links to local news outlets, already here there is vocal support for far tighter gun restrictions, briefly, in a nutshell, the alleged offender used a ” evil black rifle ” with a 30 rd mag, ( plus several more in his bag ) and a shotgun ( described as a ” rifle ” ).

    Before posting links an overview is needed to give US readers of current NZ gun laws,

    1. Semi auto ARs etc are easily obtained on a class A gun licence, this involves filling in the requisite forms, having a FSO ( firearm safety officer ) interview you in your home and ask your other half if you are a fit person, attending a police station for a prebooked short gun license safety test, paying pre-scribed fee, receive your licence in the mail.

    Under a class A license, you may own any variation of shotgun or rifle, limited to 7 rounds in a removable magazine, ( 30 rd mags for semi auto rifles are freely available and not tracked or policed ) on a class A licence any 22 semi auto is allowed, limited to 15 rd mags. Note possessing a 30rd mag is illegal on a A Cat licence, simply

    Other classes of gun licence such as C , D require registering both gun and owner with of course much higher fee’s, safe reqirements, most NZ gun owners do not have a C, D, license.

    NZ has approximately 4.9 milion people, with about 250,000 gun owners possessing roughly 1.25 million firearms, quite a high number for a small popualtion.

    My prediction is as follows :

    1. Rescinding the law allowing people to freely purchase 30rd mags

    2. restricting ARs etc to a much smaller number of owners

    3. Outlawing them all together

    4. Offering a buyback or confiscation ( most likely )

    5. removing any restraints to spy on people who are preppers, advocates of less Government, so called radicals, gun owners, libertarians and many others ( legislation has been passed allowing Owelian monitoring without court approval )

    6. Punitive fines to be meted out for recalcitrant owners that refuse to comply with ” new ” possession law introduced.

    In recent years NZ Police have been actively discouraging gun ownership and placing greater impediments on lawful owners with higher costs, vague or deliberate moves to deny imports of items that were previously legal to own, with deliberate misinformation given to legitimate firearms owners, gun shops and gun importers in NZ .

    The usual howls of outrage and call for change arise from the lefties and Socialist’s in current power in NZ , it is expected the rabid foaming senseless mob will also join the frenzied feeding of change.

    Christchurch mosque shooting gun laws John Howard New Zealand


    Christchurch mosque shooting: World reacts to attack with tributes and protests


    Notice no one asks if the shooter was on ice? anti-depressants ? other mind altering drugs ? did this person have a mental history ? substancial amounts were needed to buy those guns ( in NZ a AR15 will set you back $1500 to 3,000 NZD not cheap ).

    One last thought, the ex governor of California ” stands with ” the victims, does he or anyone else of is ilk support the US 2A ? , did he complain of ISIS killing Yazidi’s ? or their use of sex slaves ? did any of the loud lefties do so ? no ? why not ?.

    Killing people who cannot shoot back is a low act , I deplore as such, however defending yourself from violent attack will land you in Gaol in NZ, as it will in Australia.



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