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  1. I just read a biography of George Washington in “The Dangerous Book of Heroes” by Iggulden, et al. For anyone who wants their kids to read this book, I recommend against it. It has just enough truth in it to be harmfully swallowed in total.

    in the Washington biography, it restates the English position that rebels “attacked British garrisons at Lexington and Concord”, “George Washington and Ben Franklin were pro-British, against independence,…”, and George “lived the life of an English gentleman farmer, which is exactly what he was.”

    I must say that I do love the authors’ statement that “..like Oliver Cromwell 136 years earlier, Washington made a decision that was literally traitorous.”

    Sez you! My favorite GW quote is:

    “Every officer and man should live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.”

    1. But rebels and traitors they were.

      The Question is was their cause just and honorable enough – was the british goverment so unbearable – to justify the Price of the rebellion?

      1. ThoDan, what a great question. No doubt, the price of rebellion is enormous. Many of those Signers of the Declaration of Independence who pledged their fortunes to liberty lost those fortunes.

        Carry on

        1. That was only the tip of the iceberg, the price of this war was paid by many colonials rebells, loyalists – neutral alike soldiers/combatants or civilian.
          British, French, spanish soldiers and the economy of these Kingdoms suffered, it isn´t unlikely that the cost of the support for the US had their part in triggering the French Revolution.

          So the Question is the same Question since St Augustin
          Was the Pain and Misery they rebelled so bad that it justifies the pain and misery of war that divided communities and families?
          Was the pain and misery through this rebellion so much lesser that it made their Rebellion a just war?

          I don´t´ve the knowledge to judge, but violence – war should be IMO the ultima Ratio in good and justified cause.

  2. I found a well-worn used book at a second-hand store. The title is “Giants of the Republic.” The copyright date is 1895. Washington is the first “Giant” of the list. The book is just over 700 pages of short biographies of notable Americans. The biographies are in several categores: Founders of the Republic, Builders of our Union, the Great Civil War, the American Navy, our Re-united Country, Inventive Achievement, Men of Business, Religious and Social Reform, and American Literature. It’s an interesting book, and definitely a product of its time period. I don’t know whether it’s more suitable for children than the book mentioned above.

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