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  1. I agree completely – when i first started to carry, i ran into a situation where a large obnoxious drunk was trying to pick a fight with me; I realized if it came to a physical confrontation I had two choices – get my a** beat or kill a man. I was able to defuse the situation, but after that incident I resolved to always carry pepper spray as a third alternative whenever I carried my pistol.

  2. In Portland, Seattle, and for trips into other towns and cities, these will be fantastic. Our group was just discussing the current need for a strong non-lethal defense weapon. At $299 it is cheap compared to getting beat up or having a family member hurt, raped or killed. And crime is spreading. Thanks for posting this Pat. I’m ordering.

  3. While I was a Police Officer, a cohort of mine wanted to show me how effective the Pepper Spray was. (He was known to eat insanely hot stuff that would burn your nose hair at a distant whiff) He took the spray and did two quick shots into his mouth, took a couple of smacks and said he had tasted hotter stuff.

    1. @Dan,
      I get that. I personally don’t like sprays, preferring more potentially lethal means, but your cohort’s test is irrelevant. The goal isn’t to spray it into someone’s mouth, but to get it in their eyes and lungs.
      I was driving on a freeway one time eating chili flavored pistachio nuts. I made the mistake of rubbing the corner of my eye when it was itching and really struggled to get off the freeway without having an accident. Eating and seeing are definitely two different things 🙂
      I think the downfall of pepper spray is that those who are perpetuating crime are most likely hyped up on some form of stimulant which may render the spray irrelevant.

      1. I’ve done all type of stimulants, and also gone through the tear gas chamber when in the Army. I don’t see how doing meth or coke would make tear gas or pepper spray ineffective.

        1. As an EMT, I’ve personally seen a case of drug enhancement where the perp needed a dozen officers to take him down. He swatted tasers aside like they were flies and pepper spray had zero effect. I think that one was “bath salts”, but I’ve also seen people hyped up on meth that were pretty close to that. They felt no pain and seemed to have super strength for a short time. Granted, they were in severe medical (respiratory) stress within minutes, but they did significant damage in just a short while. Not much coke/crack in this area.

  4. Being a former LEO and Corrections Officer I have seen many instances where pepper spray had absolutely no effect on people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Still it may give you a temporary edge to make a decision about fight or flight, which LEO’s don’t have the option…

  5. It should be noted that what helps set this apart from traditional peppersprays besides the covert nature of it looking like a flashlight, is the standoff distance and the impact energy. The impact energy alone is potentially be enough to scare off any threats. It’s not until one fires the unit and hears the smack of a projectile hitting the target that it becomes apparent how potent the unit is. It’s something that almost needs to be experienced to understand. The impact is strong enough that most threats will be temporarily confused as to what just happened. Combine that with the effects of the powder, and it’s a very effective one – two punch.

  6. I just read about this unit the other day and am glad now it’s recommended on Survival Blog.

    The $299 is cheap when one counts the cost of a an Attorney on a justifiable use of your weapon.

    Also, the lightb and laser of the unit are also powerful deterrences.
    And if things really start to get out of hand one can always draw their firearm.

    Thanks for the review

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