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Ready Made Resources has a Gas pistonupgrade for your AR-15. Switching to a gas piston operating system from a direct gas impingement one leads to a cleaner and cooler operating rifle. This should lead to fewer malfunctions and considerably more time between cleanings. The OPS-416 kit is a true drop-in gas piston conversion, installing easily in a few minutes with a minimum of tools or technical expertise.

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Krayton Kerns , DVM on “Environmentalism as our national religion”.

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A SurvivalBlog reader reports that he has received a recall notice from Remington for his Model 700 regarding the X-Mark Pro trigger system. If you have a Model 700 or Model 7 manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014, you may want to look into that.

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What happens when ammo burns? – Mike Williams, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large.

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Many SurvivalBlog readers sent this in: Interactive map shows the staggering 47 PERCENT of the country that is currently uninhabited. Note that many of the areas in the southwestern U.S. is not just unhabited but pretty close to uninhabitable. Commercial buildings are also listed as unoccupied because no one actually lives there according to the census data.

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